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Construction Management (CM)– Agency

Owner holds contract

A project delivery method where the CM acts as the owner’s general contractor (GC) staff in the management of a construction project or program, where the CM is responsible to the owner for managing the planning, design, construction and post construction phases, or portions thereof. The CM represents the interests of the owner in its dealings with other construction professionals, and with other private and public entities. UVA takes technical and price proposals for document review, procurement, and construction phase CM services and makes a negotiated award. UVA also takes bids/proposals for construction trade packages, awards and holds all contracts directly.

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Required documents


Trade contractor

Administration/Division 0

  • HECO-6a&b (2018) Excel documentupdated 8/12/2021 – 2018 VUSBC Statement of Structural and Special Inspections Form & Inspections Checklist – by A/E & Project Manager
  • HECO-7CM Word document – General Conditions of the Construction Contract with a CM – Agency Trade Contracts only
  • Pre-proposal/Pre-bid Question Form Word document
  • HECO-9CM Word documentupdated 7/22/2021 – Contract Between University & Construction Manager – CM Agency & At Risk Options template, by Contract Administrator
  • CO-9a – Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance Coverage
  • HECO-11 Excel document – Contract Change Order and HECO-11a – Change Order Justification, superseded by e-Builder H11 process
    • HECO-GC-1 Excel document – Change Order Estimate (General Contractors)
    • HECO-SC-1 Excel document – Change Order Estimate (Subcontractors)
    • HECO-SS-1 Excel document – Change Order Estimate (Sub-Subcontractors)
  • HECO-12 Excel document – Schedule of Values and Certificate for Payment, superseded by e-Builder H12 process. Also see HECO-12 Mathematical Errors Word document – for audit response
  • CO-13 - Affidavit of Payment of Claims
  • HECO-13.1b (2018) Excel documentupdated 8/12/2021 – 2018 Final Report of Structural and Special Inspections
  • HECO-13.2 Word document – Certificate of Completion by Contractor – required for final Contractor payment
  • HECO-13.2a Word document – Certification of Partial or Substantial Completion by Contractor
  • HECO-13.3 Excel document – Combined Certificate of Use and Occupancy/Temporary Certificate of Use and Occupancy (Rev IV)
  • HECO-13.3b Word document – Checklist for Occupancy – Beneficial, Set-up, or Partial

Division 1


Construction Administration by A/E or PM