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CM AT Risk with Design Phase Services

Fixed Price CM Services Contract(s) and Construction Contract(s) – Owner Participates in Trade Contractor Selection

 A project delivery method that entails a commitment by the Construction Manager (CM) to deliver the project within a competitive Fixed Fee based on negotiations. The CM acts as consultant to the Owner in the Document Review Phase, but as the equivalent of a General Contractor (GC) during the Procurement and Construction Phases. Here the CM takes bids/proposals for each Construction Subcontractor Package in an “open book” environment and is awarded a fixed price contract(s) to construct.

Selection Procedure Process Flow Chart »

Required documents


Administration/Division 0

  • HECO-6a&b (2018) Excel documentupdated 8/12/2021 – 2018 VUSBC Statement of Structural and Special Inspections Form & Inspections Checklist – by A/E & Project Manager
  • CO-10.2 – Standard Bid Bond – Bid Bond required for values exceeding $1M unless otherwise noted
  • Pre-proposal/Pre-bid Question Form Word document
  • HECO-7 Word documentupdated 7/14/2021 – General Conditions of the Construction Contract for Capital Outlay Projects – does not include SGC for utilities
    • CO-7 – General Conditions of the Construction Contract – updated 4/15/21
  • Supplemental General Conditions Word document – CM Construction Utilities – CM projects only
  • HECO-9CM Word document updated 7/22/2021 – Contract Between University & Construction Manager – CM Agency & At Risk Options template, by Contract Administrator
  • CO-9a – Workers Compensation Certificate of Insurance Coverage
  • HECO-10 Word document new: 8/27/20 – Standard Performance Bond
  • HECO 10.1 Word document – Standard Labor and Material Paument Bond
  • HECO-11 Excel document – Contract Change Order and HECO-11a – Change Order Justification, superseded by e-Builder H11 process
    • HECO-GC-1 Excel document – Change Order Estimate (General Contractors)
    • HECO-SC-1 Excel document – Change Order Estimate (Subcontractors)
    • HECO-SS-1 Excel document – Change Order Estimate (Sub-Subcontractors)
  • HECO-12 Excel document – Schedule of Values and Certificate for Payment – superseded by e-Builder H12 process. Also see HECO-12 Mathematical Errors Word document – for audit response
  • CO-13 - Affidavit of Payment of Claims
  • HECO-13.1b (2018) Excel documentupdated 8/12/2021 – 2018 Final Report of Structural and Special Inspections
  • HECO-13.2 Word document – Certificate of Completion by Contractor – required for final Contractor payment
  • HECO-13.2a Word document – Certification of Partial or Substantial Completion by Contractor

Division 1


Construction Administration by A/E or PM