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Academic On-Demand Invitation for Bids

Total project cost less than $5 million dollars – additional editing required for academic division

The Office of Contract Administration can use the On-Demand Contracts as requested by any Facilities Management project manager for a construction project. Anyone else wanting to use the same contractors (i.e. UVA Materials Purchasing) may use them, but not as On-Demand Contractors with reference to On-Demand Contract terms. Contract Administration hired these contractors under the terms and conditions of the HECO Manual, therefore, they may only do HECOM projects when performing on their On-Demand Contracts.

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Miscellaneous documents

Required documents


Administrative / Division 0

  • Davis Bacon Wage Rates example – include updated document with Specifications for projects with NIH funds
  • Certification Regarding Lobbying – include with specifications for projects with NIH funds, must be executed and returned by the selected CM/GC as part of the contract
  • HECO-6a&b (2018) Excel document – 2018 VUSBC Statement of Structural and Special Inspections Form & Inspections Checklist – by A/E & Project Manager
  • On Demand Front End Specifications Word document
  • HECO-7 Word documentupdated 7/14/2021 – General Conditions of the Construction Contract For Capital Outlay Projects – does not include SGC for utilities
  • CO-7 – General Conditions of the Construction Contract – updated 4/15/21
  • CO-13 – Affidavit of Payment of Claims – required for final Contractor payment
  • HECO-13.1b (2018) Excel documentupdated 8/12/2021 – 2018 Final Report of Structural and Special Inspections
  • HECO-13.2 Word document – Certificate of Completion by Contractor – required for final Contractor payment
  • HECO-13.2a Word document – Certification of Partial or Substantial Completion by Contractor

Division 1


Construction Administration by A/E or PM

  • HECO-13.1 Word document – Certificate of Completion by A/E of Record – also see Project Completion for audit response
  • HECO-13.3 – Combined Certificate of Use and Occupancy/Temporary Certificate of Use and Occupancy (Rev IV)
  • Sprinkler Inventory Form Word document – to be completed for CUO application with data to be entered by FM Operations
  • HECO-13.3b Word document – Checklist for Occupancy – Beneficial, Set-up, or Partial