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Silica Resources

Toolbox Talk – tips for a safe work environment

  • Basic Electrical Safety basic electrical safety geared towards non-electricians
  • Bicycle Safety – recommended bicycle safety equipment and proper safety practices
  • Compressed Gas Cylinders – compressed gas cylinders can pose serious hazards
  • Computer Ergonomics – along with the proliferation of computer technology, concern about healthy, safe, and comfortable use of computers has emerged
  • Confined Spaces – how to identify confined spaces in your buildings
  • Construction Site Safety – safety requirements that all visitors must observe when entering a construction site
  • Defensive Driving – defensive driving is the art of driving so as to prevent and avoid traffic crashes ...
  • Dumpster Safety – dumpster and related equipment safety practices
  • Fire Safety – basic fire safety knowledge is an important skill that can save your life on or off the job
  • Forklift Safety – handling, approaching and lifting loads with a forklift
  • Hand & Power Tools – we often overlook the hazards associated with the common tools that are used on a daily basis
  • Hazard Communication – hazard communication provides employees with important safety information for chemicals used in their workplace.
  • Heat Stress – how to prevent and treat heat stress
  • Hot Work – special precautions are necessary to perform hot work safely
  • Ladder Safety – choosing correct ladders, inspecting and proper usage
  • Landscaping Safety – general safety and procedures for landscaping equipment
  • Lead-Based Paint – lead paint is a major source of lead poisoning in children and can affect adults
  • Lifting Safety – proper lifting techniques, how to reduce the risk of back injury and some other general safety tips
  • Lockout-Tagout – requirements needed to control hazardous energy while servicing or performing maintenance on machinery or other equipment
  • Machine Guarding – guarding involves protecting ourselves from machines and equipment in our work environment
  • Means of Egress – emergency evacuation drill procedures
  • Office Move – preparing for an office move
  • Office Safety – how to keep a clean and safe office environment
  • Oil Spill Response – FM employees having a role in managing or maintaning oil-containing devices must be able to initiate an appropriate oil spill response
  • Permit Required Confined Spaces – review of procedures for employees who have already been trained in confined space entry
  • Personal Protective Equipment – types of PPE and when they should be worn
  • Poison Ivy – facts, misconceptions, prevention and treatment
  • Safety Signage – common signage and how to assess
  • Securing Loads – risks of improperly secured loads, and tips on proper practices
  • Snow Removal – shovel, snow plowing and sidewalk/stair snow removal tips
  • Snow Thrower Safety – some basic do's and don'ts of snow thrower usage
  • Winter Driving – winter driving is the most difficult driving season
  • Working at Elevation – how to identify and protect against fall hazards
  • Working in the Cold – overexposure to cold (indoors or outdoors) can be harmful to your health

Safety related councils, institutes and programs