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Occupational Health & Safety

John Nichols and Sébastien Rodriguez

For Facilities Management employees

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Mission statement

The mission of the Occupational Health and Safety department at the University of Virginia Facilities Management is to support and facilitate a safe and healthful workplace for FM employees, contractors, students, faculty, staff, and visitors through an approach that emphasizes prevention through design, hazard recognition and control, training, collaboration, and outreach.

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Bernie the Bee was created by the HSPP Safety Committee in February 2017 to help promote UVA FM-OHS safety. He can be found on the following social media sites:

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About Facilities Management Occupational Health & Safety

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Facilities Management. Because of this commitment, Facilities Management personnel have embraced the goal of becoming the safest place to work in higher education. Facilities Management Occupational Health and Safety (FM-OHS) is responsible for supporting:

  • Construction safety with Construction & Renovation Services, Capital Construction & Renovations, Operations, and Health Systems Physical Plant.
  • General industry safety with Operations, Construction & Renovation Services, and Health Systems Physical Plant.
  • Safety and health training, air and noise sampling, and processing employee incident/injury reports, including coordinating with UVA Worker's Compensation staff.

FM-OHS is proactive in our approach to health and safety. This is accomplished through effective training and education, comprehensive program development, and full employee engagement in the safety and health program. We actively work with our contractor partners and subcontractors to ensure FM personnel and all University employees, students, and visitors remain safe around construction and renovation projects that involve outside contractors and other third parties.

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