Mission statement, vision and core values

Jefferson statue in front of Rotunda

Mission statement

Creating and caring for the physical environment in which those who seek enlightenment, knowledge, health and productive lives can flourish.


Excellence, innovation, and leadership in our support of the education, research, health care and public service mission of the University.

Core values

  • Collaboration: Striving to work together and with others to accomplish the purpose and vision of the University by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus
  • Respect: Sharing a common respect for ourselves, each other and our University community
  • Integrity: Striving for honesty and equity in all our endeavors
  • Excellence: Striving to be second to none in all that we do
  • Pride: Taking pride in the beauty of our grounds, the grandeur of our buildings and the quality of our work
  • Community: Making the University and our community a better place to study, work, heal and live


Facilities Management has adopted four initiatives to support the core values:

  • Diversity – Facilities Management is committed to improve awareness of and increase appreciation for diversity. The Facilities Management Diversity Team was created in December 2013 to continue the efforts and to foster greater respect and understanding of diversity within the organization.
  • Safety – Facilities Management strives to offer a model occupational health and safety training program in the effort to sustain UVA as an incident- and injury-free work place and a model for higher education institutions across the country. View safety resources for faculty, staff and students »
  • SustainabilitySustainability at UVA introduces new initiatives and incorporates sustainability into existing practices that requires collaboration and partnerships across the University.
  • Respect@UVa – Facilities Management fosters a respectful workplace that actively supports mutual respect, the dignity of all employees and is free from discrimination and harassment. Visit Respect@UVa for more information about this University-wide initiative.