Construction alerts

  • May 22 - August 4, 2017 – Emmett Street affected – IRC Plant Connections
    IRC Plant Connections alert 4 revised PDF
    The turning lane closure on Emmet Street will be extended to August 4 so that defective work can be repaired.
  • July 22, 2017 – Monroe Lane, Crispell Drive affected – 35kV Ductbank Project
    35kV Ductbank Project alert 39 PDF
    A section of Monroe Lane and the eastbound lane of Crispell Drive between Jeannette Lancaster Way and Monroe Lane will be closed on Sat., July 22nd from 4am to 4pm. Faulconer Construction will be paving the road. Signage and flagmen will be in place to direct traffic to alternate routes. Two-way traffic will be maintained on Crispell Drive.
  • July 21-24, 2017 –Newcomb Road affected
    Newcomb Road alert PDF
    Starting Friday, July 21, at 4:00pm, continuing through Monday, July 24, at 5:00am, Newcomb road will be closed to pedestrians and vehicles.
    Areas that will be affected are as follows:
    • Newcomb Road Parking Garage Entrance (Emmet Street Entrance will be open)
    • Book Store Loading Dock
    • Clemons Food Service Loading Dock
    • Newcomb Loading Dock
  • July 20-24, 2017 – East Range Road, Rotunda Alley, Green Alley affected
    East Range Stormwater Management Phase I, alert 3 PDF
    • Four parking spaces in Rotunda Alley (Lot L5) will be impacted on Thursday, July 20 – Friday, July 21
    • Utility work at the intersection of East Range Road and Rotunda Alley will not require a full alley closure, but will slow traffic. For this reason, the work is planned for Saturday, July 22 – Sunday, July 23, when traffic is expected to be light. Minor (1-2min) delays should be expected when driving through this interstation on these days.
    • Two parking spaces between the North Dorm Block and Hotel B will be impacted on July 24.
  • July 18-19, 2017 –Massie Road affected
    Massie Road map
    Contractors will be working to re-install the stamped brick crosswalks on Massie Rd. This is a two day process. Contractors will be conducting traffic control for the duration of the project.
  • July 18-August, 2017 – Alderman Road affected – 35kV Ductbank Project
    35kV Ductbank Project alert 38 PDF
    Sections of the northbound lane of Alderman Road will be closed for the next several weeks from 7am to 4pm. The southbound lane of Alderman Road will remain open. Flagmen will be in place to direct two-way traffic around the construction activity. Dominion will be pulling electrical cables between the underground vaults in the road.
  • July 14-28, 2017 – Ruffner Pedestrian Bridge repair
    Ruffner Pedestrian Bridge alert 4 PDF
    The pedestrian bridge will be closed for repair, including concrete demolition. This closer will take place from 7am on Friday, July 14th until Friday at 5pm on July 28th. Please use the road level crosswalk for crossing Emmet Street if desired as an alternative route.
  • July 18, 2017 – Pratt Drive, Alderman Road affected – 35kV Ductbank Project
    35kV Ductbank Project alert 36 PDF
    A section of Pratt Drive and Alderman Road will be closed on July 18, 2017 to accommodate the installation of a new utility pole. The area will be closed from 7:30am to 3:30pm. Flagmen will be on-site to direct traffic. Two-way traffic will be maintained in Alderman Road.
  • July 10-mid August, 2017 – Jefferson Park Avenue affected – 35kV Ductbank Project
    35kV Ductbank Project alert 35 PDF
    There will be construction activity at night in Jefferson Park Avenue starting on July 10, 2017. The work will take place from 7pm to 5am. The work will be complete in mid-Aug. 2017. Faulconer Construction will be installing an electrical ductbank in the center lane of JPA near Cabell Hall. Steel plates will cover the excavation from 5am to 7pm and the center lane will remain in use during the day. Faulconer will work in 100’ sections of the road and will move east towards Monroe Lane over the next several weeks.
  • June 28-July 28, 2017 – Central Ground Parking Garage, Emmett Street Entrance affected
    Central Grounds Parking Garage alert PDF
    The Emmet Street entrance/exit to the Central Grounds Parking Garage will be closed from Wednesday, June 28th, through Friday, July 28th. The closure will detour vehicular traffic through the Newcomb Road entrance. There will be detour signage in place. The closure will impact accessibility paths, but accessibility routes will be maintained through the garage to the elevators and stairs. There will be routing signage with maps in place.
  • June 12-August 11, 2017 – McCormick Road affected – Tunnel C Repairs
    Dillard Residence Hall alert 2 PDF
    McCormick Road will be closed between Cabell Drive and Minor Hall from June 12, 2017 to Aug. 11, 2017. Alternate pedestrian routes will be established.
  • March 20-Fall Semester, 2017 – McCormick Road affected – Gilmer-Chemistry Renovation Project
    Gilmer-Chemistry Renovation Project alert 1
    The plaza between the Chemistry Building and the Gilmer Addition will be closed for repairs beginning Monday, March 20. The Chemistry Building entrance from the plaza will be closed until the beginning of Fall Semester 2017. The entrance to the Gilmer Addition will remain open but the accessible entrance ramp will be closed. Signs will provide directions to accessible entrances. Beginning Saturday, March 25, the work will also impact pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic and the bus stop location along McCormick Road.
  • May 24, 2016-summer 2017 – Dillard sidewalks and Runk plaza access
    Dillard Residence Hall alert 2 PDF
    Sidewalks around Dillard and a portion of Runk plaza will be closed and access will be blocked to all of Dillard Residence Hall until summer 2017. A final phase will renovate the landscape: adding ADA paths, better circulation, bike and moped storage, storm water management, and gathering areas.View areas affected »

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