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Construction alerts

  • Low-Temperature Hot Water Phase 3A Project - McCormick Rd./Alderman Rd. area
    Phase 3A project - work postponed
    • Work scheduled to begin on July 5, 2022 within the intersection of McCormick Road and Alderman Road has been postponed. Project team will advise on next steps once further plans are developed.

  • July 2-8, 2022 — Ivy Rd., University Ave., Rothery Rd. area affected
    Emmet-Ivy Corridor Public Realm Project — alert 47

    What's the latest change?

    • Vehicles: Night Work: 8 p.m.-5 a.m. - Emmet St. southbound lane will be open.
    • Vehicles: Night Work: 8 p.m.-5 a.m. - Emmet St. northbound will be closed
    • Note: there are no changes to the day work map.

  • July 5-15, 2022 — McCormick Rd. area affected
    W. Grounds Chilled Water Capacity Project — Phase 12 alert revised
    • Phase 12 construction started Tuesday, May 24th.
    • Phase 12 construction originally projected to be complete Friday, July 1st will now be complete Friday, July 15th.
    • Construction area to have fence enclosure.
    • McCormick Rd. will now be open to a single, West-bound lane for vehicular traffic throughout this remaining period.
    • The ramp from Emmet St. to McCormick Rd. will still be accessible (both a left-hand or right-hand turn onto McCormick Rd. will be possible at the top of the ramp). Access to the Physics Building parking area from the ramp will be open as normal.
    • Bonnycastle Dr. will be accessible from McCormick Rd. as normal.
    • The sidewalk on the North side of McCormick Rd in front of the Physics Building will be closed during this period to create the temporary vehicle lane. Pedestrian crossings on either side of the closure will be available to maintain the accessible route.

  • July 5-August 5, 2022 — Newcomb Plaza affected
    W. Grounds Chilled Water Capacity Project — Phase 7
    • Mobilization for this Phase will start on Tuesday, July 5th.
    • Construction to be complete on Friday, August 5th.
    • Construction area to have fence enclosure.
    • All Newcomb Hall and University Bookstore entrances will be accessible to pedestrians.
    • Vehicle access to Brown College parking areas will be available via Newcomb Rd.
    • Pedestrian access along Newcomb Road to be maintained throughout.
    • Access to pedestrian bridge over Emmet St will be maintained.
    • Moped parking to be closed.
    • Dumpster and recycling containers to be located at parking areas adjacent to Tucker House and Venable House.

  • July 11-13, 2022 — Main Library Renovation
    Main Library Renovation Alert 12a
    • One lane will be closed in Newcomb Road during July 11-13. Both lanes will be open after work hours. Flag people will be at each end of the closure to keep traffic moving safely. Pedestrians will be rerouted around the work area.

  • Summer, 2022 — Memorial Gym affected
    Multiple Projects at Memorial Gymnasium alert
    • The Exterior Façade Repair Project
      • Schedule: The scaffolding is scheduled to come down in late July. Project complete Late August
      • Scope: Masonry façade repairs and window repairs. Full exterior painting.
      • Color-code RED on attached map.
    • Athletic Office Renovations
      • Schedule: Mid-June to Mid-August
      • Scope: Renovations to 2nd Floor North for Volleyball and Wrestling Coaches Offices.
      • Dumpster will be placed in the grass at the north end of the East Alley, north of the sidewalk, access through NE basement door, using elevator.
      • Color-code BLUE on attached map.
    • Gymnasium Floor Refinishing
      • Schedule: May 23-June 19
      • Scope: Stripping and refinishing the main gymnasium floor.
      • Impact: Due to Environmental Health and Safety Concerns, Mem Gym will be CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC during this project.
      • Color-code YELLOW on the attached map.
    • Medium Temp to Low Temp Heating Water Conversion Project.
      • Schedule: Late June-Mid August
      • Scope: Replacing heating pipes in the Wrestling Gym, Combative Room, and Mechanical Room. Also installing a temporary boiler and propane tanks along the East Alley.
      • Color-code GREEN on attached map.
    • Stump Grinding
      • Schedule: Tuesday, May 24th.
      • Scope: Grind large oak stump
      • Color-code BROWN on attached map

  • February 28-July, 2022 — Newcomb Road area affected
    West Grounds Chilled Water Capacity Project — Newcomb Road Temporary Sidewalk
    • Temporary sidewalk along west side of Newcomb Road is open from McCormick Road to Newcomb Plaza.
    • Pedestrian bridge across Emmet Street to remain open.
    • Stairs to/from Newcomb Road at Tucker House and Venable House to be closed.
    • Stairs at Mallet House to remain open to provide access to dumpsters and recycling containers.
    • Access to ramp at Venable House to be maintained.
    • Traffic on Newcomb Road restricted to south of Venable House.
    • Parking at Venable House to remain open.
    • Parking adjacent to Tucker House to be closed.