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Construction alerts

  • December 5, 2023 — School of Education area affected
    Contemplative Commons — alert 20
    • On December 5, between 7 a.m.-5 p.m., Hourigan Construction will place a crane at the School of Education loading dock to load materials onto the occupied roof of the new Contemplative Commons building. The sidewalk between Emmet Street and Ridley Hall will be partially closed. A flagger will be provided to maintain ADA access and egress to the Ridley Terrace ADA ramp. Pedestrians may experience delays. The loading dock will be closed. A drive aisle will be maintained to allow continued access to the Sheila Johnson Clinic parking lot.
  • November 29-December 8, 2023 — Fontaine Research Park Sampling Station affected
    Fontaine Research Park RWSA Sampling Station — alert 2
    • In preparation for the Manning Institute of Biotechnology construction effort, the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority (RWSA) will need to relocate an existing sample station within the project site to a location that will not be impacted by construction.
    • Mobilization will occur on November 29, 2023.
    • The work will be minimally disruptive to patients and staff at Fontaine.
    • Refer to the map below for the areas of work and what the localized parking impacts will be.
  • October 23-December 1, 2023 — West Lawn rooms affected
    The Mews Renovation — alert 2
    • Electrical conduit installation underneath West Lawn Rooms #5-#33, including the basements of Pavilion III, Pavilion V and Pavilion VII. From 10/23 to 12/1, UVA FM Electricians will be installing electrical pathways to The Mews. Working hours are 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. There should be no disruption of power, however there will be some noise from underneath the student rooms and in the Pavilion basements. The work will start at Pavilion III and progress down the Lawn to Pavilion VII.
  • October 16, 2023-Summer, 2024 — Thornton Hall, Stadium Rd. area affected
    Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) Phase 3B
    • The parking lot on the northeastern side of Thornton known as East J will be closed and construction fence will be put up Monday, October 16.
    • Egress from all exits from the building and pathways for pedestrian travel through the lot will be maintained. However, the lot will be closed to all non-construction related vehicles.
    • The sidewalk between Thornton and Stadium Road will be closed, and an alternate pedestrian route will be provided.
    • This phase of the project is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2024.
  • September 11, 2023-January 5, 2024 — Gilmer Hall affected
    Gilmer Greenhouse Sanitary Sewer Relocation — alert 1
    • Pedestrian traffic will be limited to assigned entrances at the rear of Gilmer Hall and the entrance to the Biology Greenhouse. No pedestrian throughway is permitted in construction zone.
    • Truck material import on Whitehead Road to Geldard Drive. Spoil material export on Gilmer Drive to Alderman Road.
    • Sight Fencing and signage implemented to accommodate entrances.
    • Construction to start September 11, 2023, with substantial completion January 5, 2024.
    • Domestic Water Outage to accommodate active tie in to be scheduled at later time during project.
    • Substantial excavation depths.
  • Summer, 2023 — multiple areas of Grounds affected
    Summer 2023 Construction project page
    • Multiple construction projects are taking place across Grounds through summer, 2023.
    • The project page contains documentation detailing the location of each project, contact person and a summary of each project's impacts.
    • The project list will be updated at least monthly to address changes to impacts.
  • August 8, 2022-Winter, 2023 — Newcomb Rd. affected
    Contemplative Commons project — alert 8

    On August 8, Hourigan Construction will begin work on the eastern abutment for a new pedestrian bridge over Emmet Street connected to the Contemplative Commons project. The construction will take over a portion of Newcomb Rd and will limit vehicular access between Newcomb Plaza and Brown College. The work will not impede pedestrian traffic or impact the parking area on Newcomb Rd at the northwest corner of Brown College. The area will remain fenced until completion of the new pedestrian bridge over Emmet Street in winter of 2023.

Interactive construction map

Click on each project to view more details.

This interactive construction map is in development, for questions or feedback about the map please contact Molly Shifflett, project associate with Capital Construction & Renovations.