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Construction alerts

  • January 23-February 8, 2019 – South Lawn Access road affected
    Softball Stadium & Player Development Center - alert 3
    Sanitary Sewer work will be done in two phases to keep access to both existing fire hydrants and dumpster locations. Both phases will be blocked off by the use of jersey barriers and safety fence. There will be heavy machinery in use to excavate and install new lines and manholes. Phase I will be completed and road access restored before Phase II starts. See the attached alert that shows the areas of excavation/work for both Phase I & Phase II.
  • January 21, 2019 – South Lawn Access road affected
    Brandon Ave Green St & Utilities - alert 22
    The existing South Lawn Access Road off of Brandon Ave will be closed to public access (both vehicular and pedestrian) on Monday January 21, 2019. A temporary gravel access road that will allow vehicles to access Bice, South Lawn, and the K2 parking lot will be provided north of the existing South Lawn Access Rd, as shown in the plan below. Please note that the new pedestrian access from Bice to JPA will be through/around the South Lawn building.
  • Early January, 2019 – South Lawn Access road area affected
    Brandon Ave Green St & Utilities - alert 21
    The Green Street project will be installing telecom conduit along the western side of Brandon Avenue and across an area of the South Lawn Access road around the first week of January. The two main areas of interest associated with this work includes excavation activities across the South Lawn Access Rd and Baptist Student Union parking lot. While our contractors are crossing these roadways, they will be utilizing road plates to allow vehicles to pass over the excavation area. One lane of the roadway will remain open to traffic at all times. Please see the attached alert for the areas of interest.
  • December 26-January, 2019 – Elson Student Health area affected
    Brandon Ave Green St & Utilities - alert 20
    Phase 1 (December 26-27): The Green Street project will be removing 4 trees located to the west of the Elson Student Health building and parking lot, adjacent to the Brandon Avenue sidewalk. A total of 9 parking spaces will be blocked for construction during these two days. Please see the map attached, highlighting which spaces and sections of sidewalk will be closed for this work.
    Phase 2 (January 2, 2019): The Green Street project will be installing a new electrical ductbank and two new electrical transformers in the western area of the Elson Student Health parking lot. A total of 10 parking spaces will be blocked for construction starting on January 2, 2019. Once the installation of the ductbank and transformers is complete, all of the parking spaces will open back up and be available for use, except for the two spaces north of the new transformers, which will be permanently unavailable. We are expecting this work to last about 2-3 weeks, weather dependent. Please see the attached alert, highlighting which spaces and sections of sidewalk will be closed for this work.
  • November, 2018 - April, 2019 – East Lawn, East Range affected
    East Range Stormwater Management – alert 11
    The Hotels and student rooms along the East Range of the Academical Village have been subject to water intrusion since original construction. The East Range Stormwater Management project aims to address stormwater issues between the East Lawn and East Range in order to remediate water intrusion at the East Range buildings, address overall stormwater management in the area, and improve the aesthetics of alleys and parking courts.
    Phase I included archaeology, potholing to find exact locations of existing underground utilities, and waterproofing along the west side of the East Range. Phase II is currently underway and planned to be complete in April 2019. Phase II involves extensive stormwater infrastructure installation in the alleys and parking courts.
  • December 10, 2018 - September, 2019 – Brooks Hall area affected – Memorial to Enslaved Laborers
    Memorial to Enslaved Laborers - alert 2
    On December 10, Team Henry Enterprises will mobilize to install fencing and a temporary construction access road within the Triangle of Grass to facilitate construction of the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers. Construction will consist of significant site work, including re-grading, utilities, concrete foundation work, stormwater and sidewalk improvements, and installation of large-scale stone blocks. Pedestrian routes within the site will be blocked. As fencing is installed and sidewalks become blocked, way-finding signage will be installed to indicate new routes for pedestrians.
  • October 1, 2018 - January, 2020 – Massie Road area affected – Softball Stadium & Player Development Center
    Softball Stadium construction - alert 2
    Sidewalk closure along the south side of Massie Road. Sidewalk will be close from Thursday October 18, 2018 until January 2020. Signage will be provided at both ends of the sidewalk to acknowledge the closure and give direction to pedestrians for an alternate route.
  • April 30, 2018 - Summer, 2023 – U-Hall cage lot affected
    Cage lot map
    To support a significant construction project in U-Hall, the Cage lot will be closed beginning Monday, April 30th through the Summer of 2023. As a result, the University Transit Service (UTS) bus stops near the Cage lot and in the West University Hall lot will be closed for the duration of this project. The UTS Bus stops on Massie Road at University Hall and the East Lot will remain open.

Major construction projects map

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