Construction alerts

  • May 1-8, 2017 – Stadium/Emmet Island – 35kV Ductbank Project
    35kV Ductbank Project alert 30 PDF
    Construction activity will be starting in the Stadium/Emmet Island from May 1, 2017 to May 8, 2017. Faulconer Construction will be installing an underground electrical vault. The 35kV Ductbank Project will install 2.75 miles of 35 kV electrical ductbank to provide a dedicated underground power feed to the University of Virginia.
  • May 15 and 16th, 2017 – Ruffner Pedestrian Bridge Repair update
    Ruffner Bridge alert 3 PDF
    The pedestrian bridge will remain open on May 1st and 2nd. The mock-up and therefore partial closing will occur May 15th and 16th instead in order to lessen the impact during exams. Please use the road level crosswalk for crossing Emmet Street if desired as an alternative.
  • April-May 12, 2017 – Alderman Road and Gooch Service Drive affected – Chilled Water (CHW)
    Chilled Water alert 7 PDF
    One lane of Alderman Road from Gooch Service Drive to Floyd Drive will be closed through May 12, 2017. The bus stop will be shifted south. A temporary traffic light is in place to keep traffic moving. The project is extending chilled water produced at the district chiller plant near AFC. The project will extend CHW down Alderman Road to Gooch and Dillard Residence Halls and to Runk Dining.
  • Late May, 2017 – Emmet Street affected – IRC Plant Connections
    IRC Plant Connections alert 3 PDF
    Emmet Street lane closure will be delayed until after final exercises. Northbound: There will be no left turns Northbound on Emmet Street onto Thompson Rd., Wesley Church, Alumni Hall, Lewis Mountain Rd., or Sprigg Lane. Detours will guide drivers around Ivy Road, past the Emmet/ Ivy Parking Garage, and then south on Emmet back to your turn. Access to these roads will remain open on Alderman Road. Also, there will be no left turns onto Emmet Street from Thompson Rd., Lewis Mountain Rd., or Sprigg Lane. Detours will guide drivers South on Emmet, West on McCormick, East on Ivy Road and then rejoin Emmet north of the closure.
    Southbound: There will be no left turn into Mem Gym. The Central Grounds Parking Garage will stay accessible. The alley behind Mem Gym is closed to vehicles.
  • March 20-Fall Semester, 2017 – McCormick Road affected – Gilmer-Chemistry Renovation Project
    Gilmer-Chemistry Renovation Project alert 1
    The plaza between the Chemistry Building and the Gilmer Addition will be closed for repairs beginning Monday, March 20. The Chemistry Building entrance from the plaza will be closed until the beginning of Fall Semester 2017. The entrance to the Gilmer Addition will remain open but the accessible entrance ramp will be closed. Signs will provide directions to accessible entrances. Beginning Saturday, March 25, the work will also impact pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic and the bus stop location along McCormick Road.
  • May 24, 2016-summer 2017 – Dillard sidewalks and Runk plaza access
    Dillard Residence Hall alert 2 PDF
    Sidewalks around Dillard and a portion of Runk plaza will be closed and access will be blocked to all of Dillard Residence Hall until summer 2017. A final phase will renovate the landscape: adding ADA paths, better circulation, bike and moped storage, storm water management, and gathering areas.View areas affected »

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