Construction alerts

  • March 8, 2018 – Edgemont Rd, Leake Dr, E1 Parking Lot affected
    Conduit Installation Project- alert 4 PDF
    There will be paving in Edgemont Road, Leake Drive and the E1 parking lot on Thursday, March 8. Signage and flagmen will be in place to maintain two-way traffic.
  • March 12 - June 1, 2018 – Bice House affected
    Brandon Avenue Green Street & Utilities - alert 7 PDF
    The Bice House access road utility installations will affect the lower Bice House parking lot and loading dock (see attached alert). This work will occur starting on 3/12/18 and continue to 6/1/18. The parking spaces affected will no longer be available in this section after this work is complete due to this being the final road and sidewalk installation.
  • February 27 – Hancock Drive affected
    McCormick Road Houses Renovations alert 11 PDF
    There will be construction activity in Hancock Drive on Feb. 27, 2018, access will be limited to emergency vehicles only.
  • February 23 - Carr's Hill pedestrian path affected
    Carr's Hill Renovation alert 1 PDF
    The University is undertaking a project to renovate the Carr’s Hill complex including the President’s House, Guest House, Carriage House, Leake Cottage, and Buckingham Palace. Perimeter site fencing installation will begin on Friday, February 23rd. The pedestrian path from the Architecture school over Carr’s Hill will be closed for the duration of construction.
  • February - March, 2018 - St Thomas Church area affected
    • Feb 27-28: The alley behind the church will be closed to traffic due to excavation work temporarily relocating the gas line away from construction activity.
    • March 5: Site soil erosion controls installation to begin along with the construction fence – top half of the alley behind the church closed for the duration of construction. Start use of the laydown area.
    • March 12: Selective demolition work will start.
    • March 19: Heavy demolition work will start. Staging of equipment will be behind the church on the top half of the alley behind the church.
  • March 6 - Crispell Drive affected
    Brandon Avenue Green Street & Utilities alert 5 - Updated PDF
    Asphalt repaving will be occurring along Crispell Drive and at the Crispell/Jeannette Lancaster Way intersection starting at 8AM on March 6th, 2018, and will continue until complete. Paving operations are expected to last a day or two at the most. Rain dates for this paving will be March 8th and 9th. New Traffic Patterns: One-way traffic on Crispell Drive, for South Parking Garage traffic only. A section of Crispell Drive will be closed to all traffic immediately east of the Crispell/JLW intersection. The west exit of the South Garage will be closed, and vehicles will need to exit the garage from the South Parking Garage East Exit.
  • February 26 - March 7, 2018 - South Lawn/Bice Parking Lot
    Brandon Avenue Green Street & Utilities alert 6 PDF
    Underground communications ductbank work will be starting the week of, 2/26/18. This work will start at the lower northwest corner of the South Lawn/Bice parking lot. This is the start of work that will continue from the lower South Lawn loading dock entrance road to the Bice Facility loading dock. Traffic patterns should not be affected. PHASE 1: The parking spaces facing the Valley Road cul-de-sac will be impacted losing the entire row from, 2/26/18 through 3/7/18. PHASE 2: The parking spaces affected will be no longer available in this section.
  • February 26 - March 16, 2018 – Memorial Gym affected
    Memorial Gym AC Project alert 1 PDF
    In order to provide a more comfortable gymnasium space, UVA Athletics has funded a project to install air conditioning into Memorial Gymnasium. The project will provide a climate controlled space for Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Wrestling, numerous Intermural Recreational activities, Kinesiology classes, and general student exercise use. Whereas the project will not fully condition the entire building, it will provide a large climate controlled space for multiple University events. Mem Gym Alley CLOSED to parking 02/26 – 03/16 (3 weeks). Permit holders will be permitted to park in Central Grounds Garage.
  • February 19 - May 4, 2018 – Hotel D affected
    East Range Stormwater Management Phase I alert 6 PDF
    Work will involve excavating a 6ft-wide trench on the East Range Road side the building, making masonry repairs, and applying a waterproofing membrane to walls below-grade. In order to work safely next to the East Range Road, a road closure is required. A temporary gravel road will be provided in front of the East Range for Pavilion and emergency vehicle access only. The temporary access road will remain in place until winter 2019 to accommodate Phase II work. Pedestrian Access will be maintained.
  • February 9 - May, 2018 – Leake Building affected
    Leake Yard emergency egress plan PDF
    On Friday February 9 we will be closing off the center entrance to the upper level of Leake for the Landscaping and ADA improvement project. The center entrance will be closed for approximately 2 months during construction. We are currently constructing a ramp on the FP&C side for ADA access. There will be signs posted directing you to the alternate exits.
  • February 5 - May, 2018 – Leake Drive affected
    Leake Drive renovation map PDF
    Project Services is starting a renovation project which will impact the upper level Leake parking. We have started staging materials in the area and are planning on starting work February 5, 2018. ALL curbside parking spots in front of Leake will be fenced off and unusable starting 2/5. This closure will last approximately 3 months. Please see the attached diagram showing the relocation of both W1 permit holder spots and Visitor spots to the lower lot.
    During the project pedestrian access into and out of the building will be maintained.

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