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Planned and Emergency Utility Outages

FM Outage Process

The FM Outage Process is a standardized process for planned, emergency, and unplanned outages for utility and buildings systems and is intended to minimize the impact of service disruptions to our customers.

It is the policy of Facilities Management to minimize disruption to the University community caused by the interruption of any service. Therefore, every effort shall be made to:

  1. Minimize the number and length of planned outages through careful coordination of work
  2. Minimize the impact of planned outages by scheduling them to occur when they least affect critical operations, inconvenience the fewest customers, and least affect the mission of the University of Virginia
  3. Widely distribute information related to planned outages
  4. Keep affected customers apprised of the status of work to restore service during any interruptions or failures

All outages, interruptions, or failures shall be communicated to the Systems Control Center. For planned and emergency outages, those performing the work shall notify Systems Control at the start and upon completion of required work.

Planned Outages:

A planned outage is when planning and scheduling of an interruption of service to our customers occurs in advance. Notification to those impacted by the outage shall be received at least 5 business days before the scheduled date of the planned outage – the individual requesting the outage shall ensure ample time is allotted for proper planning and notification of outage.

Emergency Outages:

Emergency outages are the type of repairs that must be completed immediately to safeguard property and health. When outages cannot be scheduled with a five business day notice, affected departments and organizations will be given the maximum notice possible.

Failure to plan is not considered an emergency.

Submit an Academic Planned or Emergency Outage

Submit a Health System Planned or Emergency Outage

NOTE: A VEOCI account is needed to submit an outage request – please contact Nina Green ( to request a VEOCI account.