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Fontaine Construction Projects

In September 2018, the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Visitors approved a long-term master plan to guide the development of Fontaine Park. The Plan was guided by the following goals and principles:

  • Enhancing access to care and improving the patient experience around evolving population health principles
  • Creating a translational research campus that facilitates learning, creativity, discovery, and patient care
  • Dramatically improving the sense of place and stewardship of resources
  • Developing strong connectivity within Fontaine and to Grounds
  • Developing a flexible plan that balances responsible capacity of the land with programmatic drivers and other initiatives
  • Creating a vibrant community of innovation and collaboration that attracts and retains top talent

The Fontaine Master Plan centered around better utilization of existing land resources and creating a campus-scale environment. The near-term plan includes developing transit, parking and amenities, a central road to assist with wayfinding, and new research and academic facilities. Each of the projects underway are reflections of the master plan and will promote collaboration and connection within the park and back to Central Grounds.

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