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Alderman Library renewal project

The renovation of the University's Alderman library will bring the building up to current standards of safety, accessibility and service. The project is essential to restore the library to the position it enjoyed when it first opened in 1938 — a contemporary library with modern amenities suited to the needs of its users.

The project — expected to be complete in the fall of 2023 — will build a new 130,000-square-foot addition on roughly the same footprint of today's stacks and renovate 100,000 square feet of the historic building. The renovated library will include open shelving for our extensive holdings, study areas, reading rooms, staff work areas and spaces for scholarly research and preservation of books. Two interior light wells will be enclosed with a glass roof to become study courts. The project will enhance circulation to central grounds with a new entrance facing University Avenue.


Construction Project Status Reports/Construction Alerts

Contact information

Kit Meyer, project director
Office: (434) 982-5748
Cell: (434) 531-7094

Charlie Durrer, senior construction administration manager
Office: (434) 982-4654

Henry Hull, project coordinator
Office: (434) 982-5617