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Facilities Management Reward & Recognition Program

Facilities Management's Reward & Recognition Program is a quick and easy way to professionally recognize your co-workers whose contributions make UVA a better place for students, faculty, researchers, patients and staff. Our employees’ high standards and exceptional efforts in their widely varying jobs create a vast range of possibilities for reward and recognition.

The Reward & Recognition Program is designed to recognize achievements and accomplishments that support and contribute to Facilities Management's vision and core values and the University overall mission.


Facilities Management's Reward & Recognition Program is a component of Virginia's Employee Recognition Programs policy which governs Classified Staff and the Pay Practices Program for University Staff. It applies to active salaried full-time and part-time Classified, University Staff, and temporary or wage employees.

Types of rewards and recognitions

  • Monetary: items readily converted to cash or monetary awards are considered compensation

Note: The total of monetary and non-monetary rewards shall not exceed $3,000 per University staff or temp/wage employee per fiscal year.

Recognition categories

  • Outstanding achievement
  • Special project completion
  • Stellar customer service
  • Cost savings
  • Professional development
  • Exemplary teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Educational achievement
  • Process improvement
  • Outstanding effort in support of Facilities Management values or initiatives

Nomination and approval process

Any Facilities Management employee may nominate an eligible employee under these program guidelines by submitting an online nomination to be routed to the nominated employee's supervisory group.

  • The supervisor will complete the online nomination form with a suggested award level and award in accordance with the level guidelines and then submits.
  • The form is routed to the director for review and approval or denial of the level and award. It is then submitted to Facilities Management Finance for processing and payment.
  • The chief facilities officer will receive a bi-weekly report of all nominations for review and final approval in advance of final processing.

Reward level guidelines

Facilities Management has three levels of awards to recognize outstanding achievements and the opportunity to honor retiring employees through a recognition event:

Level One

  • Up to $500 cash/non-cash

This first level recognizes achievements occurring over a shorter period of time that have recognizable impact and positively illustrate:

  • A commendable job on a project, task or activity
  • Significant support for Facilities Management initiative or core value
  • Outstanding support of a day-to-day business operation or process
  • Suggestions leading to the improvement of a work process, workflow or in customer service
  • A specific customer compliment
  • Professional development
  • Teamwork, self-motivation, knowledge, efficiency, professional achievement, customer service or cost savings
  • Taking on additional duties during absence of a co-worker or supervisor
  • Outstanding achievement and/or contribution above and beyond standard job requirements
  • Outstanding response in an emergency event
  • Professional development, safety, leadership in the workplace

Level Two

  • $500 up to $1,000 cash/non-cash

This level recognizes outstanding achievement or accomplishment on a project, or activity occurring over a medium duration of time that more significantly impacts the work, the organization or illustrates Facilities Management’s vision, core values or initiatives:

  • Sustained outstanding achievement
  • Extraordinary customer service demonstrating a documented pattern of behavior
  • Contribution above and beyond standard job requirements demonstrating excellence, leadership or collaboration
  • Suggestions leading to the improvement of a work process, workflow or in customer service
  • A specific customer compliment
  • Professional development
  • Safety and teamwork on an assignment requiring maximum effort (inspections, compliance, codes) that significantly impacts customer service and productivity
  • Supervision or coordination efforts for a major University event
  • Development of an improved process/procedure involving collaboration across departments
  • Implementation of programs in support of Facilities Management initiatives or that save University money
  • Associate's degree or two-year certification/professional designation
  • Four-year degree or advanced degree, certification or professional designation

Level Three

  • $1,000 up to $3,000 cash/non-cash

This third and highest level is awarded to recognize an extraordinary achievement or contribution accomplished over an extended range of time that had significant positive impact for our customer, department or the University and is likely not to repeat itself:

  • Leadership and collaboration in the workplace effort
  • Initiate, manage and coordinate all aspects of new program or project development or construction
  • Extraordinary process improvements or cost savings
  • Supervising a multi-day event, ensuring all team members’ safety, and/or cost-saving to the University
  • Management through to completion of project planning or construction for a new building or major renovation
  • Implementation of a significant training effort in support of Facilities Management initiatives

Honoring retiring employees

A recognition event may be held for employees retiring from their employment in Facilities Management and the University. These events are an opportunity to recognize the retiring employees for their contributions over their years leading up to their retirement. Refreshments and supplies for these events are limited to $150 per retiring employee with the expenditures subject to any procurement guidelines in effect at the time of the event and the availability of funds. These events must be approved by the respective director.


What is the deadline date for submitting a nomination?

All reward requests must be received from the director by the Wednesday during the second week of the biweekly payroll period to be effective that same payroll period. This allows for processing time and the appropriate approvals to occur.
View the payroll calendar

Who approves the submitted nominations?

Once submitted, the form routes to the supervisor of the nominated employee. Once the supervisor approves, the form routes to the director. Supervisors who enter the reward will also have to go in as the supervisor as there are added fields at that level to complete. Supervisors should also obtain their chain of command's approval prior to submitting to the director. It may be best to put in your notes in the form that this approval has been obtained.

I can't find someone I want to nominate. Why?

This form is used for nominations for Facilities Management employees only. If you are trying to nominate an employee outside of Facilities Management, contact Heather Brown for guidance.

Do all nominations receive a monetary or non-monetary reward?

No. All nominations are subject to review by the supervisor. There are cases in which, while the information provided in the form speaks to good performance or great contributions, it does not rise to the level of extraordinary. The supervisor should still commend the nominated employee; however, other factors will be taken into account in determining any amount recommended.

I want to nominate multiple people for the same reason. Do I have to enter each one separately?

Yes, please enter each separately to ensure accurate processing and approval. If you have technical difficulties or questions, please contact Heather Brown.