Automation Services

The Automation Services team maintains and optimizes building automation and pneumatic controls systems throughout the University. The team works closely with the Systems Control Center (SCC) that monitors the building automation systems (BAS) and with the zone and central maintenance organizations that care for the buildings.

The Automation Services team focuses on three key areas across Grounds:

  • Building automation system (BAS) installation
  • Controls maintenance
  • Building optimization

As automated controls and sensors become more and more prevalent in all areas, Automation Services has a continually broadening and expanding customer base. For 2015, the Automation Services team will be installing controls on several projects including the Rotunda renovation, Rugby Office Building, North Grounds Mechanical Plant and the Newcomb Road Chiller Plant. In addition, a significant increase in work is anticipated on sustainability initiatives that target improving the energy efficiency of building systems.

By the numbers 2014
200 Number of University buildings with some level of building automation systems in place
90,500 Number of physical BAS points used for montering and/or control throughout Grounds
15,000 Approximate number of BAS controllers installed throughout University buildings
96 Number of distinct sub-networks that BAS controllers are installed on
36 Number of buildings with new or upgraded control systems installed in 2014

Contact information

William Schnorr

William Schnorr
Associate Director
Phone: (434) 982-0219