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Facilities Management Finance

The Finance department values its critical role in supporting Facilities Management and our faculty, staff, and student customers at the University of Virginia.

The Finance department provides accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, and billing analysis and support for UVA Facilities Management. Facilities Management operates on a cost recovery basis, which means services are provided on a reimbursable basis to the requesting department. Services are billed monthly at-cost or on a fixed-price basis. Construction projects are billed as expenditures are incurred at-cost or on a fixed-price basis based on the project's schedule of values.

Customer financial and billing information

For FM Finance customer support, please contact

Facilities Management Finance leadership

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Blake Watson
Director of Business Services

Kelli Craddock

Kelli Craddock
Assistant Director of Finance — Construction

Jason Davis

Jason Davis
Assistant Director of Finance — Operations

Facilities Management Finance staff