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Sign services

Taylor Cottingham in the sign shop at a computer

Facilities Management’s sign shop is a full service provider with employees who specialize in custom design, fabrication and installation. The sign shop also offers consultation services to help determine each client’s needs.

Custom sign products include:

  • Interior and exterior signs
  • Banners
  • Lettering
  • Nameplates
  • Nametags
  • Stickers

To request sign service, please submit a service request form.

Light pole banners on Grounds

As an iconic institution of higher education, and as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the University has important guidelines and a process that direct how light pole banners and other pageantry can be placed and displayed on and around Grounds.

This process — which brings together the Office of the Architect for the University, University Communications and Facilities Management — helps ensure light pole banners are hung with consideration for the historic importance of the University. The process also helps University Communications design artwork that is consistent with University brand identity and that creates a coherent experience for University visitors and community.

As a key step in the process, the three groups listed above will review all light pole banner requests that involve installation on and around buildings, bridges, light poles, etc. on or bordering Grounds. To request light pole banners, please download and fill out the Light Pole Banner Request Form Word document icon.

For more information about the light pole banner system and/or University branding, visit the UVA brand website (visitors to the website will need to register as a user).

Print & Graphics Guidelines

  • High resolution pdf, Illustrator or eps files (size to be 100% of requested output).
  • Fonts outside of normal UVA font families to be submitted as outlines.
  • ¼" bleed, unless full white background
  • All files to be set for print and CMYK document color mode.
  • Include a full package zip if linked images are included in graphic.
  • For all outdoor banners, use CMYK uncoated #s … this is the best match for UVA blue and orange.
  • Do not include crop marks or slug.

Have questions about sending files to be printed? Please consult our Print & Graphics Guidelines PDF.

Sign Shop Print and Graphics Guidelines PDF