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Starting Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Workday worktags will replace Oracle PTAOs for billable services

Submitting a service request with worktags

To submit a service request with billing information you will be prompted to enter multiple worktags. Some of these are required, some are optional and some are automatically populated for you based on the information provided.

Your department's fiscal administrator is the best contact to determine the specific worktags you will need to use.

Worktag details

Worktag Example value Required Additional information
Company UVA_207 X
Cost Center CC1234, MC-1234567, UPG-CC1234 X
Business Unit BU12 X Driven by Cost Center selection, cannot be overridden
Gift GF123456 X Select one of these four
Grant GR123456 X
Designated DN123456 X
Project PJ12345 X
Fund FD123 X Driven by GF/GR/DN/PJ choice, cannot be overridden
Function FN123 X Driven by GF/GR/DN/PJ choice, can be overridden
Program PG12345
Activity AC12345
Assignee 123456789 (Employee Workday ID)

Example of an acceptable request for submission

A sample form entry. Under Required worktags are fields for Company, Cost center, Business unit, Designated, Fund, and Function. Under Optional worktags are fields for Program, Activity, and Assignee.


Please direct questions about the replacement of your PTAO with worktags to your department's fiscal administrator. If you need help identifying your fiscal administrator, contact the Facilities Management Finance team at