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The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Physical and Life Sciences Research Building provides the additional space required to support research in physical and life sciences, primarily in chemistry and biology. The CAS Research Building also provides modern research laboratory facilities to attract and retain faculty and students and to relieve the increasing shortage of reliable laboratory space on grounds.

This new research facility consists of 100,000 gsf building, plus an accompanying mechanical penthouse.  It also features modern looking architecture and finishes.

The building is connected to the existing Chemistry and Chemistry Addition Buildings with pedestrian traffic among the three buildings on all floors except at the basement level to the Chemistry building. The main building consists of BioSafety Level Two (BSL2) laboratories on all five floors, laboratory support areas, administrative office space, and conference rooms. The mechanical and electrical systems for the main building are contained primarily in the basement and mechanical penthouse floor located above the five research levels.

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