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FM Workday FAQs

How to enter time worked on a holiday (non-exempt)

  • To receive Comp Time: When creating your time block, use the drop down menu to change you time type to "Comp Special – Holiday Worked"
  • To receive Pay: When creating your time block, leave the time type as "Regular Time (In/Out)"
  • Employees may elect to receive a combination of Comp Time and Pay. To do this, create one time block using Comp Special and a separate time block using Regular Time using the instructions above.
  • Note: If employees are working a shift eligible shift and choose to receive comp time, they will need to contact the solution center ([434] 243-3344 or to receive shift differential.

How to record an Agency Closing (non-exempt)

  • Agency closing will not be automatically populated on the employees time card.
  • At the time of this writing, FM is still researching with Central HR what the communication path and policy will be for entering agency closing hours.
  • Special circumstances (i.e., when an agency closing occurs on a scheduled day off, designated employees who are unable to report, etc.) will also be addressed in future communications
  • Hours actually worked during an agency closing should be entered by the employee as "Regular Time (in/out)" or "Regular Time."

How to record an Agency Closing (exempt)

No entry required.

How does Call Back work?

  • Call Back should only be used if called into work and you are not on Standby.
  • Call Back hours start when you arrive on grounds and end when the job is complete When creating your time block, use the drop down menu to change your time type to "Call Back."
  • If hours worked is less than the guaranteed 3 hours: Workday will automatically generate the difference so the employee receives the 3 hour minimum.
  • If hours worked is more than the guaranteed 3 hours: Any hours over 3 should still be entered as Call Back

How does Standby work?

  • When creating your time block, use the drop down menu to change your time type to "Standby."
  • If asked to come into work while on Standby, the employee should enter their worked hours as "Regular Time (In/Out)" and reduce the number of Standby hours accordingly.

Do I have to enter a lunch break?

Yes. However, if you work straight through and this has been discussed with your supervisor, you do not need to enter a lunch break.

Do I have to enter my 15-minute breaks?


Do I have to enter In/Out time if I do not work a shift-eligible shift?

In order to receive shift premium pay, you must enter "Regular Time (In/Out)" hours. However, if you work a standard-hours shift, you may choose "Regular Time" and simply enter the number of hours worked.

Do I have to enter/submit my time in Workday every day?

No. The recommendation is to enter/submit your time for the week on the last shift for the week. However, it is up to your supervisor to communicate their preference, which may be more or less frequent.

How does Shift Premium eligibility work?

  • See Shift Premium FAQ
  • Shift differential will be paid to any non-exempt employees within the trades and operations departments whose majority of hours worked — based on entering in and out times — aligns with evening, night, or weekend shifts. Workday combines all hours to calculate the majority up into a specific shift unless there is a break of two or more hours
    Example: If entering a 30-minute meal break, all hours are considered as one shift. If entering a break of 2 hours and 30 minutes, two different shifts are created.

Does comp special time earned before or after Workday Go-Live expire?


Where should I go if I have a question about Workday?

There are many resources available:

What if I need to correct a timecard I have already submitted?

  • You will have 30 days (2 pay periods) to correct and resubmit a timecard.
  • To edit a time card block, click the time block that was created for the day (not the entry at the top of the column). This will bring up the entry. From here you can change the time type or adjust the in/out hours.

What happens if I forget to submit my timecard?

  • You will not get paid in the current pay period. All corrections and payments will be processed on the next pay cycle.
  • If an employee is in need of an off-cycle check, he/she should call the Solution Center and the request will be routed from there. This will only occur under extreme circumstances and a $50 fee will be charge to the employee. Please remember to submit your timecard!

What happens if my supervisor doesn’t or can’t approve my timecard?

As long as you submit your timecard on time, you will get paid.

What happens if my timecard is rejected by my supervisor?

If your timecard gets rejected, you must correct and resubmit it before the payroll deadline or you will not get paid.

What is the deadline to submit my time?

All time must be submitted and approved by 12 p.m. on payroll Monday. Please talk with your supervisor about their deadlines to have your time submitted to them.

How do I correct an already approved absence request?

To modify an already approved absence, access the absence app. Select the day that needs to be removed and click the minus sign on the line that shows the amount of hours requested off. This will change the box to state "No Data". Click submit to have the -8 hours submitted to your supervisor for approval. Don’t forget to enter and submit the hours you worked through the Time app.

How do I enter overtime?

There is no overtime selection. Workday will automatically calculate your overtime based on a 40-hour work week.

If my supervisor has approved the first week of my time but rejects the second week, is my entire pay period rejected?

No. Time sent back by the supervisor is only for the block of time being submitted. Previously approved time within the pay period will remain approved.

What if my working time block crosses days? (e.g., 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.)

  • Enter your in-time as 11 p.m. on the day you started working. Enter the out-time as 1 a.m. Workday will recognize and indicate on the screen that 1 a.m. is "Next Day."
  • There is one exception: If the day is crossing from Sunday to Monday, you will need to break your hours onto each day with a separate time entry block in Workday.

How do I adjust my Regular Hours (In/Out) if I have not submitted my time card?

  • Go to your Time icon (Desktop) or Enter Time icon (Mobile) app.
  • Click the time block in the day column you need to change (not the block listed at the top of the column).
  • Change the hours and click "OK."

How do I adjust my Regular Hours (In/Out) if I have submitted my time card?

  • Go to your Time icon (Desktop) or Enter Time icon (Mobile) app.
  • Click the time block in the day column you need to change (not the block listed at the top of the column).
  • Change the hours and click "OK."

Is there a time stamp as to when a time off request was made?

Some supervisors do not consider a requested time off as in advance unless it is 72 hours prior to the requested date. They need a way to track whether the request was done within or outside this window.

Yes, time off request and all other transactions in Workday receive a time stamp.

Is there a way to clean notifications out through the desktop or mobile? It looks like you can only sort. If there is no way to delete, do they ever automatically drop off?

Notifications will remain in your inbox for 30 days if they have not been acted upon. Once acted upon or after 30 days, they will automatically move to the archive.

How do you clean up items in the Workday inbox?

  • Once you take action the item moves to the Archive?
    Inbox items that have been acted upon move to the Archive
  • If you do not take action it will always be in your inbox
    Inbox items that have not been acted on will stay in your inbox
  • Does it age off to your archive at some point without having taken action?
    You will need to take action on an item for it to move to the Archive
  • Do items drop off of your archive after a certain amount of time? Yes, items drop off of the archive after 30 days but you can always see it by clicking on the down arrow to view more processes

Who adds the Short-term disability, FMLA, etc.?

The process for obtaining eligibility for special types of leave has not changed (FMLA, military leave, jury duty etc.). The process for entering this time in Workday for each specific situation, whether by the supervisor or the employee, is still being researched by FM. For questions, please contact the FM HR Business Partners or the HR Solution Center ([434] 243-3344 or

Some employees work a 79 hour pay period and use one hour of leave to make up the difference. Is this how it should be handled in the future?

Please talk with your supervisor as to how individual time entry situations should be handled.

If I am off a day during the week, my supervisor will let me work on a Saturday to make up the time. Is this still allowed with weekend shift pay?

Yes, this can be done. However, please consult with your supervisor as it is up to their discretion

Will a copy from prior week trump preloaded leave?

Copying time from a prior week will not overwrite approved leave in the current week.

How will a manager assist with indirect reports?

Managers can only work with their direct reports in Workday unless they have been designated by their direct report. The designation can only be short term (three weeks or less) without HR approval or up to one year with HR approval.

Can a manager view indirect reports leave requests?

FM is researching for an answer. For questions, please contact the Solution Center ([434] 243-3344 or

Do I get weekend shift differential pay on a weekend if that weekend time is also overtime?

If the person is in a shift-eligible org and work on the weekend, they will earn weekend shift. OT is then calculated on the blended rate.

What is the difference on some people’s available selections between comp time and comp special?

Comp time is an example of what UVA gives for a Friday night UVA football game. Comp Special is time earned for working on a holiday.

Do some employee types get bereavement leave as an option?

Neither Classified nor UStaff have bereavement leave.

What happens if I work a holiday, I select "Holiday Comp Special Worked" and I am working a shift?

You will receive regular pay for the holiday and comp time for the “Holiday Comp Special Worked” hours. To get your shift differential, you will need to contact the Solution Center ([434] 243-3344 or

I did a copy from a previous week to a week that contained approved leave. It kept the approved leave and also gave the hours worked that copied from the previous work. What do I do?

Delete the hours on the day that you have an approved time off.