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FM Purchasing Categories

FM is transitioning to a new funding model. Expense transactions will be divided into three categories: Billables, Overhead and Inventory. Moving forward, only Billable expense transactions will be put in AiM. This means that A# work orders will no longer be used for Overhead and Inventory transactions. This page provides the necessary guidance for employees that initiate purchase orders and Chrome River transactions.

Transaction Types

Download or print the Transaction Types User Guide


Work/Project Expenses
Goods or services purchased to complete customer work orders

No change to previous process

Purchase Orders and Chrome River transactions charged to:

  • Revolving PTAO 101458-101-SG00045-20071
  • Reference Work Order Number-Phase
    • Purchase Orders: WOXXXXXXX-XXXXX,SHXX — FM Requestor
    • Chrome River: XXXXXXX-XXXXX,XXX


Goods or services purchased for an Org. Previously charged to an A# work order.
Direct to Division PTAO (no work order referenced)

Used for:
  • Items purchased for everyday use within an Org/Shop
  • Items that were previously charged to an A# work order
Not used for:
  • Any items purchased to complete a customer work order
Find Shops by Org
Purchase Order PTAO Chrome River PTAO
Energy & Utilities
  • 20300
  • 20302
  • 20304
  • 20305
  • 20315
  • 20320
  • 20322
  • 20323
  • 20325
  • 20330
161176-101-SG00077-EXP-ORG 161176-101-SG00077-ORG
Capital Construction & Renovations Administration

Note: These orgs are deprecated and have changed to 20165

CCR Project & Construction Management Services

Note: These orgs are deprecated and have changed to 20110

CCR Design Services 161173-101-SG00077-20115
CCR Construction & Renovation Services

Note: These need to have a PTAO and leave org blank — 161173-101-SG00077-ORG
20175 is no longer used, please use 20170 moving forward

Health System Physical Plant
161174-101-SG00077-EXP-ORG 161174-101-SG00077-ORG
Management Services
161171-101-SG00077-EXP-ORG 161171-101-SG00077-ORG
Operations & Maintenance
161175-101-SG00077-EXP-ORG 161175-101-SG00077-ORG


Inventory Purchases
Utilizes AiM system to manage inventory

Restricted to authorized FM personnel only

Authorized Orgs:

  • 20135
  • 20145
  • 20170
  • 20195
  • 20235
  • 20265
  • 20270

Please contact FM Finance (see Contacts section) for questions or to seek authorization.

ExpenseUVA (Chrome River)

ExpenseUVA is the University’s expense management system for initiating and processing T&E Card transactions and reimbursements to employees.

Click the above link to enter

Chrome River Quick Guides

See Procurements website for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internal FM request should be submitted thru Customer Service/Portal and a work order will be issued using your Overhead PTAO.


Chrome River Contacts

Heather Brown
(434) 243-1996
Frances Cruz
(434) 982-5847

Purchase Order Contacts

Jessie McGann
(434) 243-5192
Mavis Dickerson
(434) 982-6524

Fiscal/Budgetary Contacts

Department Contact
  • HSPP
  • Operations
  • Management Services
Shawn Gu
(434) 982-4636
  • Construction & Renovation Services
  • CCR
Kelli Craddock
(434) 924-7310
  • Energy & Utilities
Debbie Thacker
(434) 982-4632