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Management Pathway

"How To" Series

It can be easy for any supervisor or member of management to get overwhelmed by the challenge to get it all done each day. It can feel lonely trying to find the answers, but even the most complex job can become easier to manage with the right tools. The Manager’s “How To” Series is intended to give managers more of the “How To’s” for those day-to-day activities.

Individual sessions to cover:

  • Performance Management

    What is performance management, really? In this session, we will answer this question and introduce five tips to successful performance management.

    During the lesson, you'll

    • Learn where Performance Management begins
    • Review the Performance Management cycle
    • Consider the options available to recognize an employee that exceeds expectations
    • Consider the options available to support an employee that is not meeting expectations
    • Explore those “What if…?” scenarios that arise
  • Roles & Responsibilities

    This session is for those who are new to supervision in general or simply new to supervision at UVA Facilities Management. This session will guide participants through eight tips to help first-time managers thrive. Plus, the answer to the all too common question every supervisor has for those day-to-day management tasks – “How do I do that?”

    • How do I manage my employees time and leave?
    • How do I manage the performance management process?
    • How do I support a respectful workplace?
    • How do I prevent and address workplace discrimination and harassment?
    • How do I support diversity in the workplace?
    • How do I address safety concerns?
    • How do I reserve a shuttle?
    • And much more!

    All sessions include a great deal of discussion. Even though the participants hold various leadership positions and are from various business units within FM, sharing and discussion with each other is encouraged.

  • Progressive Discipline and Standards of Conduct

    Managing employees isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Managers have to find balance in fairly applying policies and exercising sound judgement to determine the correct course of action when an ethical or conduct concern occurs using the Standards of Conduct as the guide. This session is intended to give a foundation to triage the situation and get the process started.

    You'll learn:

    • What are the manager’s responsibilities?
    • What is the desired employee conduct?
    • How to determine if it is a performance and conduct issue
    • How to utilize the levels of progressive discipline
    • How to deal with common discipline issues
  • The Hiring Process

    This session will explore the hiring process as a collaboration between the hiring manager and the HR Business Partner. The session will outline the entire hiring process, including steps involved in pre-posting, pre-interview, interview, post-interview/selection and orientation and onboarding. Managers are sure to leave prepared for their next hire!


    FM has a solid structure of core values and initiatives in place, which are regularly referred to when planning a new committee, policy or program. FM strives to be cohesive and ensure that anything new put in place “fits” within the organization as a whole. EMPOWER’s purpose is to promote consistency in communication across all FM management. The program will encompass the topics of safety, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, training and development, and the promotion of personal and professional development while furthering FM's organizational culture. More details regarding each level of EMPOWER coming soon.