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General Education Development (GED)

In 2005, Facilities Management and the Housing Division recognized an interest from employees who were eager to earn their GED (General Education Development).

Through an arrangement with the Thomas Jefferson Adult and Career Education (TJACE) Adult Learning Center, employees now have the unique opportunity to attend GED preparatory classes on Grounds.

In addition to the sense of personal achievement gained through earning a GED, increased literacy helps employees become more independent on the job and improves their ability to read and understand labels and directions, enhancing employee safety.

Enrollment Process

GED enrollment for the Sept.-June academic year occurs in August. Since class attendance is required during working hours, employees interested in GED classes must seek their supervisor’s approval.

Each year, Facilities Management notifies employees of the GED class enrollment period and deadlines. It is at this time that an employee and their supervisor must review the expectations of attending the class. Past participants must re-enroll each year.