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Accident Reporting Process

  1. Notification
  2. Visual Assessment
  3. Auto Loss Notice
  4. Repair Vehicle
  5. Close Claim


  1. Call 911

    The very first thing you do is call 911. The correct police department will respond based on the location of the accident

  2. Call your supervisor

    Notify your direct supervisor of what happened, where it happened and whether anyone is hurt.

  3. Contact FM Fleet office

    Call the Fleet office and explain what happened. Fleet personnel will instruct you on next step for vehicle.

    Phone: (434) 982-5812

Visual Assessment

Ask the responding officer if the vehicle is safe to drive


  1. Photograph damage, scene of the accident, and collect other driver's information.
  2. Deliver vehicle to Fleet office.
  3. Fleet personnel assess vehicle for other needs, and take to vendor for estimate


  • Tow vehicle to Cosner for estimate and report to Fleet office.

Auto Loss Notice

Download the Auto Loss Notice P.D.F. document form from Risk Management's website.

The Auto Loss Notice (ALN) needs to be submitted within 24 hours of the accident

Steps for completing the ALN

  1. When arriving at the Fleet office, share all documentation and media you gathered from the scene of the accident.
  2. Fleet personnel will guide you thorugh completing the ALN should you need assistance.
  3. The ALN is emailed to Risk Management: along with all other collected information/media.

Repair Vehicle

  1. Risk Management approves estimate. Fleet staff deliver vehicle to body shop.
  2. Vendor completes repairs.
  3. Fleet staff picks vehicle up from body shop and verifies repairs are completed.
  4. Fleet returns safe vehicle to end user.

Close Claim

  1. Fleet Office: completes payment/billing.
  2. Risk Management: closes claim.
  3. End user: reviews ARC recommendations with Risk Management and supervisor.