ExpenseUVA is the University’s expense management system for initiating and processing T&E Card transactions and reimbursements to employees.

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How long should I keep receipts? Once the transaction has been expensed (fully approved). Make sure image (picture) of receipt is clear and legible.

How do I load them in ExpenseUVA (Chrome River)? See Quick Guides.

Helpful Guidance

  • What PTAO do I use? 101458-101-SG00045-Org
  • Format for work order: xxxxxxx-xxx,xxxx,xxxxx
    work order - phase, shop, project account number (for a construction project)
    Use the appropriate shop that has been assigned to the phase on the work order.
  • Roles & Responsibilities Download Acrobat Reader – Who approves my transactions, what is expected of these approvers?
  • Workflow Download Acrobat Reader – Flow of transactions through the approval chain.

Quick Guides


Where do I find training materials?

ExpenseUVA Training

See Procurements website for additional information.

Note: Facilities Management has different role assignments and workflow routing. See the Helpful Guidance section for guidance.

Who do I contact for questions?

Facilities Management has project Ambassadors who are trained system experts and are able to answer questions and offer guidance. These folks are:

In addition to these Ambassadors, we have also established a Support Group to assist FM units with general information and guidance. These individuals already work within FM units and were previously identified as folks who assist and guide staff with administrative duties. The support group is made up of the following members: