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HR leave reminders

February 7, 2024

Review the requirements for filing for FMLA and short-term disability leave

'Out of office' sign hanging on an office door

UVA Human Resources shared the below reminders about certain leave policies.

If an employee has a serious health condition that requires them to be out of work for several days, there are a few things they should do to receive pay and benefits while they are out:

  • Notify their manager of their expected duration of absence, if known.
  • All employees should contact UNUM, the vendor who manages FMLA for University of Virginia. UNUM may approve either FMLA or Medical Leave, based on eligibility, to track your absence if you are out due to your own serious health condition. UNUM's number is 866-269-0979. UNUM also manages Short Term Disability for employees with the ORP retirement plan.
  • Employees in the VRS Retirement Plan (VRS)/Virginia Sickness and Disability Plan (VSDP), must also contact Alight, the vendor who manages Short Term Disability for VRS/VSDP employees. Alight can be reached at 877-928-7021. Note that Alight has a 14 day look back period, so if you report your absence late, you may not receive benefits for prior dates.
  • Employees in the Traditional Sick plan should still contact UNUM for leave; however, their manager will need to input the Personal Sick Leave time while they are out.

Employees must use their own paid time off or utilize disability benefits to receive pay while on leave. The disability benefits cannot be entered into the system until they are approved by the vendor.

It is the employee's responsibility to keep their manager informed of their status if an extension is pending and to be sure their physician provides the requested information to the vendors to approve or extend their disability benefits or leave of absence.

UVA HR cannot approve or extend an employee's leave for a medical condition or their disability benefits.

Further information about the leave and disability plans can be found on the UVA Human Resources website on the following pages:

If you have additional questions about your leave, you may contact; however, the vendors (UNUM and Alight) are the best source of information for help with their system and information about what is needed to file or approve a request.

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