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Accident review committee

February 7, 2024

A new committee has been established to review FM vehicle accidents

'FM Internal Accident Review Committee' is printed around a graphic illustration of an FM van

A new internal accident review committee has been established at Facilities Management.

The committee consists of nine staff members representing each department at FM. Staff members will review and assess all FM vehicle and motorized utility vehicle (MUV) accidents and determine recommendations for implementation that will be forwarded to the main University committee for documentation purposes.

Through this assessment, the committee aims to better understand the causes of accidents and work to improve existing driving practices throughout FM.

When an FM employee is involved in an accident, the staff member will be invited to attend a brief, two-person led interview to share what happened, with supervisors encouraged to attend.

For more information or questions, contact June Bates, the committee chair.

The following FM staff members represent these organizations on the FM Accident Review Committee:

  • Business Services (Programs & Informatics, Technology & Innovation, Finance) and Sustainability: Mike Duffy
  • Capital Construction & Renovations: Chris Morris and Mike Clements
  • Energy & Utilities: Cameron Ratliff
  • Health System Physical Plant: Scott Morris
  • Occupational Programs: Sarah Reed
  • Operations: Robby Kuykendall and Terry Maynard
  • Committee Chair: June Bates

About the author

Afia Paracha
Communications assistant student worker
UVA Facilities Management