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Rotunda's custodial staff recognized

September 8, 2023

E&G Custodial Services employees go above and beyond to support UVA

Cheryl Johnson and Kathy Moon sit side-by-side in front of the Rotunda
E&G Custodial Services custodians Kathy Moon and Cheryl Johnson were recognized for their service to care for the University's iconic Rotunda.

Cheryl Johnson and Kathy Moon — custodians serving the Rotunda — were recently recognized by Facilities Management and UVA staff.

Associate Director for the Rotunda and University Events Sheri Winston shared her appreciation for the two of them, who have worked together serving the University's iconic building since it reopened to the public in 2016 following an extensive renovation.

“Cheryl Johnson and Kathy Moon are much more than the Rotunda housekeepers,” Winston wrote in a letter of appreciation. “They notice and take care of things before I mention them. They are my unofficial assistants, always offering aid when they know I need help. They pay close attention to the weekly events schedule and act accordingly, without being prompted. They always make me aware of problems in the building…[and take] exceptional care when VIP events take place. They unlock doors for early morning entry and listen out for RMC Events staff for weekend/early access. A simple text from me is all that is necessary.”

E&G Custodial Service Central Zone Supervisor Kendrick Scott echoed Winston's comments, stating that Johnson and Moon embody the values of collaboration, excellence, pride and community, and were instrumental in the onboarding process of the Central Zone's new management team that was hired in early 2023.

“Both ladies go above and beyond every day to welcome people who enter the Rotunda. Their communication skills, collaborative spirit, and ability to self-manage in the University ‘brand’ building, is of tremendous value to the department, maintenance team and the University,” wrote Scott.

In order to accommodate the many early morning events in the building, Johnson and Moon start work at 3 a.m., coordinating vacation time to ensure one of them is always on duty. Plus, they volunteer to work during all important events in the Rotunda despite the day and time.

Cheryl Johnson and Kathy Moon
Cheryl Johnson (left) and Kathy Moon

Johnson joined the University in April 1999 and worked at Darden, Thornton Hall and Alderman Library before joining the Rotunda team in 2007. Moon started in June 2004 and has worked in numerous buildings on Grounds, prior to joining the Rotunda team in 2016.

Despite the challenges of working a demanding schedule, the custodians say they love their work, and that the Rotunda is by far their favorite building that they've worked in.

“This is our house,” Moon said as she gestured toward the building, which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “I just love history and so I walk around here and think, ‘Thomas Jefferson touched this, and Thomas Jefferson walked through here.’”

“So many people from all over the country and the world come here and they are just so thrilled to come into the building,” said Johnson. “They come up and asks us questions, so you've got to know your stuff.”

Johnson and Moon say that the winter holiday season is their favorite time of year because of all the festive decorations around the building and on the Lawn. They also enjoy the many costumed kids who visit during the Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn event, including their own grandchildren and relatives.

“They genuinely care about the building occupants and guests and feel it is extremely important work to provide them the very best care and experience as possible,” wrote Scott. “Cheryl and Kathy treat the Rotunda as their home; they take pride and pleasure in keeping the building gleaming.”

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