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Frontline leaders honored

June 7, 2023

E&G Custodial Services hosts 22nd “This Is How We Do It!” awards program

E&G Custodial Services management honored 21 employees during the 22nd “This Is How We Do It!” awards program.

This program was established by the department management team in April 2012. The total number of awards to date since 2012 has reached 228.

“The frontline custodial leaders drive our business, so it's only natural that we recognize and salute them each year with our highest achievement award: ‘This Is How We Do It!’” said Associate Director for E&G Custodial Services Vibha Buckingham.

The April 27 ceremony was attended by the department's entire management team, with awardee supervisors bestowing framed certificates to each recipient.

This year, employees were recognized for a variety of accomplishments including spreading positivity throughout the workplace, improving quality results, increasing customer satisfaction and delight, providing outstanding responsiveness and supporting staff with language challenges.

To view photos of the event, visit the This is How We Do It!” awards ceremony photo album.

The 2023 awardees include:

  • Titus Akusuru
  • Rosel Gough
  • Maggie Donohue
  • Rodney Smith
  • Adriana Diaz-Cacho
  • Faustina Kpodo
  • Mary Booker
  • Alimah Walingrai
  • Ikipobari Kabari
  • Aimable Alfred
  • Yenifer Sarmiento
  • Reyna Quinto
  • Mary Njougu
  • Aurea Nazareno
  • Mathew Dyer
  • Kathy Moon
  • Rabten Shatsang
  • Carolina Ramos
  • Maria Cardoso
  • Betis Cedillos
  • Swaintain Reaves

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