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FM Speaks! survey results

November 1, 2023

Survey results highlight FM's language diversity

The phrase 'Thank you' written in several languages and scripts arranged in a word cloud style

In July, FM Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), in partnership with the UVA Cornerstone Program Cohort VIII, Project Team 7 (PDF), hosted an anonymous survey to collect data on what languages are spoken, read and written by the nearly 1,200 individuals employed by Facilities Management.

The project team collaborated with the UVA Office for Equal Opportunity & Civil Rights to design and deliver an equitable and inclusive FM Speaks! survey that was translated into 14 languages and backed by a strong communication plan from FM Technology & Innovation staff.

The results: The survey was open for approximately 30 days and resulted in an impressive 27% response rate, providing detailed insight into FM's language diversity:

Survey Results:

  • 34 different languages, representing 5 out of 7 continents.
  • 20% of respondents are multi-lingual, speaking 2 or more languages.

Top Languages Spoken at FM:

  • Spanish: 9.48%, represented across 7 of the 10 departments.
  • French: 2.13%, represented across 5 of the 10 departments.
  • Nepali: 1.42%, represented across 1 of the 10 departments.
  • Swahili: 1.42%, represented across 2 of the 10 departments.
  • American Sign Language: 1.18%, represented across 4 of the departments.

Most Linguistically Diverse FM Department Statistics:

  • Building & Custodial Services: 16 languages.
  • Management Services/Administrative: 14 languages.
  • Capital Construction & Renovations: 11 languages.
  • Zone Maintenance: 8 languages.
  • Energy & Utilities: 7 languages.

The FM Speaks! survey results data (PDF) will be distributed through FM to assist in teams' communication strategies. In addition, FM DEI is continuing to improve its FM Language Program offerings based on this data and to assist teams celebrating diversity and meeting the needs of their employees via the FM Language Program. Going forward, language data will be collected at employee onboarding so that employees can be seen and heard effectively from their first day.

If you'd like to learn more about the FM Language Program and services available, please contact FM DEI Specialist Emily Douglas at or (434) 906-5810.

About the author

Liz Burnett
Occupational Programs Communications Generalist Senior
UVA Facilities Management