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December 16, 2022

E&G Custodial Services employees recognized for outstanding performance

Custodial employees stand in a group holding their awards, with Vibha Buckingham
Associate Director for E&G Custodial Services Vibha Buckingham recognized 16 employees for outstanding performance during the department's “This is How We Do It!” awards ceremony in October.

Sixteen E&G Custodial Services employees were recently recognized for outstanding performance.

Associate Director for E&G Custodial Services Vibha Buckingham and Quality Assurance & Staff Development Manager Sandra Smith recognized the employees during the department's “This is How We Do It!” awards ceremony in late October. The team started its quarterly recognition ceremony in 2012, granting 202 awards over the past 10 years.

This year, employees were recognized for a variety of accomplishments including supporting staff with language barriers, adjusting personal schedules to meet professional needs, having perfect attendance and for pursuing continuous learning.

To view photos of the event, visit the This is How We Do It!” awards ceremony photo album.

The full list of employees who received “This is How We Do It!” awards in October 2022 included:

  • Jimmy Sayre was honored for identifying exterior safety concerns and supporting staff with language barriers.
  • Cecilia Hodges was honored for being a positive force with team spirit and for flexing her work schedule while being mindful of fiscal responsibility.
  • Norman Hughes was honored for being a positive role model, delivering superfast customer service, and adjusting his personal schedule to meet operational needs on weekends.
  • Carolina Diaz was honored for being a customer favorite, cheerful and positive every single day.
  • Mirna Flores was honored for having team spirit, being positive and always motivated to better support her team.
  • Sebijeri Munyabirembo was honored for his positive spirit and willingness to do whatever is needed, including improving his English language skills.
  • January Badosanya, Man Rai and Pradip Tamang were recognized for truly understanding customer needs on the evening shift, serving as symbols of positivity and all holding a perfect attendance record.
  • Swantain Reeves was honored for caring and working passionately to maintain Brown Library/Clark Hall at APPA level 2 since 2020. She manages a workload that equals two people during the school year.
  • Jimmy Arbogast was honored for being a one-man force that supports an entire department by being an “Olympian of Equipment, Master of Installations and a Teacher of Repairs.”
  • Maggie Donohue was honored for always asking, “How can I help and what else can I do?” and being continuous learner who often leads the team and supports management at every opportunity.
  • Michael Pouliot was honored for earning the title “Mr. Efficiency” because his fresh perspective often leads to improved organization and smoother operations for the Newcomb Zone.
  • Mary Jasper was honored for being the team's subject matter expert and a Shining Star who readily does whatever it takes to help the Newcomb team overcome adversity.
  • Geri Findley, Michael Pouliot and Tracy Tinoco were honored for being important members of a strong and forward-thinking management team whose creativity led to the new employee onboarding program being translated into multiple languages to support non-English speaking employees.

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