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Staff News July 2022

July 29, 2022

New Hires

  • Brandon Calloway, HVAC mechanic, Housing Facilities
  • Joshua Curry, landscape & grounds worker, Landscape Services
  • Marcus Ditta, landscape & grounds worker, Landscape Services
  • James Lusa, document management compliance analyst, Geospatial Engineering Services
  • Ben Nilson, student worker, Office for Sustainability
  • Joshua Owen, carpenter, Central Grounds Zone Maintenance
  • Mark Purington, document management compliance analyst, Geospatial Engineering Services
  • Justin Rexrode, landscape & grounds worker, Landscape Services
  • Forrest Ritchie, boiler operator, Heat Plants
  • J'mitri Samuels, custodial services worker, Housing Custodial
  • James Seal, custodial services worker, North Grounds Custodial
  • Brian Williams, geospatial space technician, Geospatial Engineering Services

Transfers & Promotions

Best Wishes to FM Retirees

Noted with Regret

Compliments from Customers

An FM employee hands a set of car keys to one of two paramedics standing in front of a Fleet vehicle branded with a Community Paramedicine - UVA Health door sticker
Mike Duffy with two paramedics from the Community Paramedicine program

Michael Duffy: I'm writing to share with you what an extraordinary measure of care, stewardship, partnership and collaboration, as well as frontline problem-solving for the greater good, Michael Duffy has demonstrated on behalf of your department, and UVA. For more than five years, UVA Health has been researching, discussing, collecting data, and bringing interdisciplinary teams together to develop a Community Paramedicine program. In the last 16 months, I've worked with multi-disciplinary team members to develop and operationalize the first UVA Health, Community Paramedicine program which will be provided through the Population Health department and go live in July. In great part, I owe Michael Duffy for the integral role he has had in making this happen. A Community Paramedicine program needs a vehicle and we've had a few options on the table, but nothing that had materialized. Both of my team members who are going to fill the pre-hospital clinician positions to provide Community Paramedicine and are also EMT/paramedics in the community, happened to speak to Michael. In sharing this challenge that had yet to be overcome, Michael shared that he might have a solution. In his position, as transportation operations and fleet manager, he opted to help where the need was great, but the solution even greater. Recently, my team and I met Michael to transfer a UVA Facilities Management vehicle to UVA Health, Population Health, as a no-cost transfer for our Community Paramedicine program. There is simply no way to express the depth of my gratitude for Michael's frontline problem-solving skills on behalf of the CP program. This vehicle will help us go live, on-time and without an additional cost barrier. And this vehicle will help us better serve and connect with underserved patient populations who are at increased risk for failure of their outpatient healthcare goals. We will be able to address clinical and advocacy needs to remove barriers to healthcare, as we connect patients to resources and care, in real time to improve their health and lives. This is a new opportunity to serve our community and we wouldn't be going live without the help of Michael. Thank you—UVA—and Michael Duffy for being such amazing partners and helping us create opportunities to serve in ways no one else is managing throughout the Commonwealth to meet the needs of patient populations who often go without. Together, we are both great and good and I am forever appreciative and so proud to serve alongside each and every one of you. —Novella Thompson, Population Health Department