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Staff News January 2022

January 31, 2021

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Compliments from Customers

  • Don Sundgren and Facilities Management snow removal staff: Thank you for going above and beyond to respond to the challenges of the snowstorm and its repercussions. You did a remarkable job responding to the power outages, piled-up snow on sidewalks, and so much more. Thank you for helping to keep the University up and running and caring for our community. Please also share my thanks with everyone on your team and at Facilities Management—you all are true heroes. —Jim Ryan, UVA President
  • Derek Wilson and HSPP teams I want to express my appreciation for Derek Wilson. Over the years, I've found Derek to be exceptionally responsive to facility issues; especially those that negatively impact our ability to image patients. On one occasion I contacted Derek very early in the morning regarding a lack of chilled water supplying one of our MRI scanners. Derek responded to my page right away, diagnosed the problem, and identified that the service engineer failed to follow protocol. This allowed us to get things back up and running and correct the issue with the vendor. Recently, we had another chilled water issue in the hospital for which I texted Derek late in the evening due to a lack of resources. Again, he quickly responded to my call and secured the proper resources to fix the problem. Just today, there was an unanticipated water outage that could have been detrimental to CT operations. Derek identified an issue related to a general contractor straying a bit off course as it relates to the defined work. I appreciated his transparency and his quick action to get the situation under control. On each and every occasion, Derek was prompt in his response, courteous, thoughtful, and positive. In my view, his work ethic and commitment to the organization never waivers and I am thankful to have him serving the needs of our department and our organization. Thank you, Derek! —Richard Hooper, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging
  • Members of the Heat Plants team sitting in front of an array of monitors Marcus Mallory, Bert Seymour, Gary Moon and teams: UVA is a 24/7 operation, 365 days a year, including holidays. I had a chance to visit with staff working during the holidays in several departments and thank them for their great work year-round. Pictured here are members of the Heat Plants team who were working on Christmas Eve: supervisors Marcus Mallory and Bert Seymour and senior operator Gary Moon. Thanks for all that you do! —J.J. Davis, UVA Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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