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Performance management update

April 21, 2021

Goals must be entered into Workday by May 1

UVA HR recently provided an update on the performance management process for calendar year 2021. Although there are some differences between how University and Classified Staff will complete their respective performance appraisal processes, both staff types should create their goals in Workday by May 1.

For University Staff, Facilities Management has elected to use the same narrative year-end evaluation process that was used for calendar year 2020. Below is an updated overview specific to the process for this year.

  • Goal setting:
    • All managers will work with employees to create goals to establish agreed upon priorities for the year. These should be entered in Workday in the Performance section by May 1, and old goals can be archived.
  • Mid-Year Check-in:
    • Managers should regularly provide performance feedback and are encouraged to conduct a mid-year check-in with their employees, documenting that meeting in Workday.
    • HR will send out a reminder via email to employees and managers when it’s time to hold the mid-year check-in; no Workday task will be launched in the inbox.
  • Year-End Evaluation:
    • The annual evaluation task will launch in Workday with a narrative box for both the employee and then the manager to summarize the year’s activities, the same as in calendar year 2020. While goals will not populate, they should be used to reflect on accomplishments.
    • The year-end evaluation will require an overall rating.
    • As in 2020, there will be no secondary manager review for University Staff.

Classified employees across Grounds will complete the traditional review process which starts with goal setting and includes a year-end appraisal with a secondary manager review and ratings. All Classified employees should have a Goal Setting task in their Workday inbox.

Additional information is available on the main Performance Management website.

Questions? Contact Facilities Management’s UVA HR Business Partners Sarah McComb ( or Elsa Burnette (

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