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COVID reminders

January 22, 2021

Important precautions remain in place, and testing opportunities have expanded

Facilities Management is experiencing an uptick in COVID-19 cases. As a reminder, all Facilities Management employees must:

  • Maintain 6 feet (2 meters) of physical distance between themselves and others. Tasks where this is not possible must be reviewed by leadership.
  • Wear a face cover at all times.
  • Make every effort to avoid having passengers in FM vehicles, including trucks, van, cars, kubotas and gators. Whenever a passenger is in an FM vehicle, both the driver and passenger must wear face covers, outside air ventilation must be maximized, and windows must be opened a minimum of 3 inches.
  • Cover coughs & sneezes.
  • Wash hands and sanitize surfaces & tools frequently.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and loss of taste or smell. Should you experience any of these symptoms while at work, leave work immediately, notify your supervisor by phone, and contact Employee Health (434-924-2013). You will be excused to seek medical attention. Follow Employee Health’s instructions to avoid putting others at risk.

Managers, supervisors, and construction/renovation project managers must support and protect employees in their groups by reporting COVID-19 cases or suspected COVID-19 cases (symptomatic or exposure) using the online reporting form. By making a report, supervisors are activating the Public Health Emergency Leave for their affected employees.

Asymptomatic testing (no symptoms) is available free for anyone reporting to work on Grounds. UVA employees can access the following asymptomatic testing resources:

More information on testing and quarantine available on the Coronavirus Information website.

Check out the FM COVID-19 dashboard (requires FM login) created by Occupational Health & Safety and Programs & Informatics. The dashboard shows the exposure and positive test case numbers for Facilities Management staff and contractors.

About the author

Jane Centofante
Communications senior generalist
UVA Facilities Management
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