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Staff News April 2021

April 21, 2021

Best Wishes to FM Retirees

  • Maxine Maupin, administrative assistant to the AVP/CFO, CFO Office
    April 1979-April 2021
  • Jim Murphy, landscape supervisor, Landscape Services
    February 2008-March 2021

Compliments from Customers

  • Before and after photos of a renovated home
    The home before improvements (top) and after the Facilities Management volunteers completed the project (bottom).
    Phil Gough, Gary Mason, Chris Herndon, Justin Groome, Allan Moyer, Steven Ryder, Thomas Dean and Douglas Matthews: “Thank you so much for contributing your volunteer time to help out a neighbor in need. It was a hard two days of work, but just look at the difference you made!” wrote Associate Director for Maintenance Mike Merriam. This group of Zone Maintenance employees volunteered during Building Goodness in April to repair an area resident’s home, addressing leaks and rotting in the siding, removing and improving the home’s electrical wiring and building a deck. Thank you for volunteering in our community!

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