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Why I donate

Find out why longtime FM blood donors give

The critical need for blood donations is ongoing despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the cancellation of many upcoming blood drives, regions across the U.S. are bracing for severe blood shortages.

If you are healthy and able to do so, consider donating blood to the American Red Cross at their Charlottesville Blood Donation Center. You can schedule an appointment by visiting, using the Red Cross mobile app or calling 800-RED-CROSS.

Social distancing guidelines have required the Red Cross to cancel some existing blood drives scheduled to take place using the blood mobile (including ones at Facilities Management and on Grounds). The organization is working to identify larger spaces for blood drives to allow for proper distances between donation beds and other safety protocols.

“If you don’t see available appointments near you in the near future, please search 7-15 days out,” according to the Red Cross. “The need for blood is constant — patients need your help.”

A few of Facilities Management’s regular blood donors shared the reasons behind why they give.

Why I donate: Scott Martin

“I've been donating pretty religiously for a lot of years,” said Systems Integration & Development Manager Scott Martin. “For me, at some point (whenever it was) I just realized this is something simple I can do. Donating blood and needles have never bothered me.”

Scott is unsure of the exact year he started but believes it was shortly after 9/11. Recently, he received an email from the Red Cross that his donations had passed the 11-gallon threshold, or 88 pints.

“We all know people that have been in accidents, had operations, or other health issues, and we also know there will come a time when we're likely to need blood products ourselves. So, I like to think I'm paying it forward in some ways.”

Scott Martin
Systems Integration & Development Manager

Why I donate: Deneen Morris

“I donate blood because of my grandmother who was a heart transplant patient and I am also an organ donor as well,” said Senior Facilities Services Coordinator Deneen Morris. “I want to be able to help those that need help as the ones that helped my grandmother when she needed blood and a heart to survive.”

Deneen has been donating blood since the 1980s – she started donating at her previous job and has continued throughout her time at FM. “I have donated each time the blood mobile has been at Facilities Management and I have donated gallons of blood during my time of blood donations,” she said.

Deneen Morris
Senior Facilities Services Coordinator
Programs & Informatics

Why I donate: Bernard Curry

“I started donating when I was with East Rivanna Fire department,” said Electrician Senior Bernard Curry. “When I started at UVA I started donating again to help other people. I have donated 81 pints, a little over 10 gallons. I hate needles but I still do it.”

Bernard Curry
Electrician Senior
HSPP Zone 4

Why I donate: Juliana Millbern

“I donate blood because it is a pretty small sacrifice of mine that makes a huge impact,” said Document Management Specialist/Archivist Juliana Millbern. “I have seen firsthand, through working at a hospital in the past as well as hearing from friends and family when they have needed blood products, how impactful blood donors are to saving lives. I am grateful to be able to be part of a process that can help others in dire circumstances.”

Juliana has been donating blood on a consistent basis for the past four years. She has a blood type that is in high demand since it is able to treat a large number of patients.

“It really just seems like an easy and natural decision for me to help others in this way,” she said. “Blood donation will always be needed to save lives and an hour of my time every few weeks helps guarantee that lives will be saved.”

Juliana Millbern
Document Management Specialist/Archivist
Geospatial Engineering Services

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