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Performance review process

The 2020 year-end appraisal process will follow a new format this year

5 stars being checked off on a checklist

In an effort to streamline the annual performance review process and recognizing the unique challenges of this year, Facilities Management leadership has opted for a modified and abbreviated process that uses a simple year-end summary, rather than assessing multiple goals.

2020 Summary Review:

  • University Staff will compose their self-assessments and meet with their manager to discuss their accomplishments. There is no rating and no reviewer for the 2020 University Staff appraisal; rather the process ends after the manager has composed the assessment and conducted a one-on-one meeting with the employee.
    • Since University Staff will not have a rating, we encourage both employees and managers to utilize terms that align with the rating scale and provide an overall assessment of performance for the year. For example, you may consider concluding your summary with, “Overall, I effectively performed my job this year, adapting to the COVID modifications as summarized above.”
  • Classified Staff will also experience the summary template and not evaluate the completion of individual goals. Unique to their process, however, and to comply with the state performance review policy, there will be an overall rating and the form will route to a reviewer similar to past years.

Facilities Management Timeline:

Please work within the below Facilities Management process that aligns University Staff and Classified timelines, completing each step by the noted milestones.

  • Through January 15, 2021: Employee composes and submits their self-evaluation to their manager.
  • February 26, 2021: Manager completes employee assessments
    • University Staff Process: Compose initial feedback, hold a one-on-one meeting with employee, and then finalize comments/summary in Workday to also reflect meeting discussion. Once submitted, this completes the 2020 review process for University Staff.
    • Classified Process: After writing assessment comments, submit the evaluation in Workday for the Secondary Reviewer.
  • March 5, 2021: Reviewer reviews and submits their approval in Workday for the Classified Staff evaluation.
  • March 19, 2021: Manager holds a one-on-one meeting with Classified Staff and provides their summary in Workday/employee submits their acknowledgement.

For tools and Workday job aids, please visit the Academic Calendar Year Appraisals webpage.

Questions? Contact Facilities Management’s UVA HR Business Partners Sarah McComb ( or Elsa Burnette ( You may also email with the subject line "Performance Management Help."

Please note that other UVA units/schools may choose to follow a different timeline and appraisal process. Information on the 2021 Goal Setting process is coming soon.