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Parking update

Map showing parking allocations around Facilitites Management
Map of revised parking areas
Click to open full version of map.

After evaluating parking usage, UVA Parking & Transportation has revised its plan to expand the E1 parking lot.

The E1 lot will only be expanded to include the W1 parking spots along the eastern portion of Leake Drive near ROTC and Astronomy, the rest of the W1 spaces near the Leake Building and Skipwith Hall will continue to only be accessible by W1 permit holders. The W6 parking lot has also been expanded to include the Slaughter Rec. lot. See map for additional details.

Please keep in mind that FM visitor parking spaces are intended for visitors to our buildings and should not be used by employees unless their normal work location is elsewhere and are here for a meeting. Service parking spaces should not be used for personal vehicles in the FM parking lot.

Parking enforcement will restart beginning the week of Monday, Sept. 14. All permit holders should park in their assigned lot starting on this date.

For more information about other changes to Parking & Transportation permit options, lot expansions and bus routes, visit the UVA Parking & Transportation website.