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Monitoring from afar

The McCormick Zone team uses innovative technology to ensure operations of critical equipment

In response to the University’s operational adjustments, Facilities Management employees have had to get creative to maintain operations with limited on-site staff. We are highlighting different teams and their work to serve the University throughout this challenging time.

Mark Lamm, Paul Veselinovic, Mike Kolczynski
The McCormick Zone HVAC team includes, from left, Senior Mechanic Mark Lamm, Supervisor Paul Veselinovic and Mechanic Mike Kolczynski.

The McCormick Zone Maintenance team serves 13 different buildings that contain researchers in a variety of fields including biology, chemistry, physics and engineering. In early March, HVAC Supervisor Paul Veselinovic started using new “smart” sensor monitors of certain pieces of equipment.

“I have developed an early predictive maintenance system for HVAC which gives an advance warning (in weeks) that there is [the possibility of] potential equipment failure,” according to Paul.

The system has already prevented multiple issues, including a potential failure of a ventilation unit in the Mechanical Engineering Building. The team — which included HVAC Senior Mechanic Mark Lamm, HVAC Mechanic Mike Kolczynski and HVAC Apprentices John Taylor and James Taylor — performed an expedited repair of a supply fan in early March before UVA operational adjustments were in place.

Now, with limited on-site staff, this system has proved to be a great tool for the team. A team member in any trade can download data from the monitors using a mobile device and review approximately 40-50 air handler units, pumps and other mechanical equipment.

“Now that [the threat of coronavirus] is limiting our presence on Grounds…our sensors are doing the job for us,” he said. “Virus or no virus [this] system is operational.”

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