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Staff News June 2020

New Hires

This list includes all full-time equivalent (FTE) hires, including existing temp/wage employees.

  • Emily Martin, diversity, equity and inclusion specialist, Occupational Programs

Compliments from Customers

  • Katie Goodrich, facilities informatics analyst: I’d like to highlight someone that is providing great customer service internal to FM. Katie responded to a concern from Finance Associate Connie Walters about how long the nightly data updates were taking to run in FM’s Tableau development system. She contacted Tableau, identified a viable solution, collaborated with the Technology & Innovation team, and now the nightly updates finish much early in the work day. This improves Connie’s work flow and enhanced FM’s knowledge of Tableau Server. Katie also listened to McCormick Zone Maintenance Coordinator Jason Falls about needing to group work orders in AiM, [figuring out] how to use a special work order note type to group work orders. This was not within AiM’s native functionality, yet Katie found a creative solution. She makes FM better by getting more out of key resources. — Mark Webb, Programs & Informatics Director

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