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Meet FM's Inclusive Excellence planning team

Team charged with building FM’s Inclusive Excellence plan

What is Inclusive Excellence (IE)?

Illustration of a diverse crowd speaking with their own colored speech bubbles, flanked by the words Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence is a collaborative model to address diversity, inclusion and equity. It was adopted by UVA in 2019 and mirrors the strategic goals of President Ryan’s 2030 Plan. Both highlight the most important responsibilities and priorities for students, faculty and staff to ensure that they and the University are both great and good. Each department at UVA is called to create an Inclusive Excellence planning team to build the structure of what an IE plan will be for their area.

Who is involved in the Inclusive Excellence planning team for Facilities Management?

Employee and representative areas

  • Co-Chairs: Corey Hoffman and Emily Martin
  • Operations:
    • Dan Shantler: Systems Control and the five maintenance zones
    • Lester Jackson: The four specialty shops: Elevators, Fire & Life Safety, Roofing and Lock Shop
    • Dana Schroeder: Automation Services, Metering, GES, Environmental Resources, Sustainability and Operations management
    • Marcus Klaton: Energy & Utilities
    • Vibha Buckingham: Custodial Services: Educational & General, North Grounds
    • Terry Maynard: Housing Facilities: Custodial, Maintenance
    • Kevin Beal: Landscape and Recycling
  • HSPP:
    • Nina Green: all reports under Will Schnorr
    • Richard Good: all reports under Chuck Parker
  • CC&R
    • Chris Hoy: Project and Construction Management (Alternate: Tracy Sandau)
    • Shawn Anderson: Construction and Renovation Services
  • Programs & Informatics
    • Dennis Bianchetto
  • OUBO:
    • Rachelle Hermes
  • Finance
    • Sonya Swiderski
  • Technology & Innovation
    • Avery Wagner
  • Occupational Programs
    • Emily Martin
  • Apprenticeship
    • Ryan McCarthy

What will the planning team do?

  • Meet in the fall and spring to submit a plan by March 2021.
  • Study current strengths, challenges, opportunities and needs in relation to equity, inclusion, and diversity issues within FM - this includes studying data in the fall and gathering input from all FM employees in the spring.
  • Apply their findings to each of the IE Framework dimensions, forming an IE plan and recommendations for FM.
  • Communicate the plan, process and impacts to FM employees and stakeholders to ensure they stay up to date and participate in the plan.
  • Present timelines and metrics for putting the IE plan into practice over the next 3-5 years

How is this different than other initiatives we've seen before?

The Inclusive Excellence Framework has not only been adopted by higher education centers across the U.S., it has also recently been adopted by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to advance visible diversity, equity, and inclusion for state government agencies. By plugging into the goals laid out in the 2030 Plan and the new calls to action encouraged by the Inclusive Excellence Framework, we are not only supporting the University, we're also leading by example for our community and our state. This means that the action items we design for FM will be leadership examples, not only for the teams at FM, but for our families, social circles and communities.

It is important to remember that this is your plan, not a plan created for you, and a plan to incite the changes you want to see or have wanted to see happen at FM.

If you have further questions about how this will all come to pass, how you can be involved, or just want to share your ideas and thoughts, please email FM’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist Emily Martin at or 434-906-5810 and she will be happy to take your call or email.

Read more about Inclusive Excellence at UVA on the Office For Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website as well as on the new FM Diversity, Equity, Inclusion webpage.

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Communications senior generalist
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