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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement of Diversity Committee

Creating and caring for the physical environment in which those who seek enlightenment, knowledge, health and productive lives can flourish. Facilities Management is committed to improve awareness of and increase appreciation for diversity, inclusion and equality. The Facilities Management Diversity Team was created to continue the efforts and foster greater respect and understanding of diversity within the organization.


Excellence, innovation, and leadership in our support of the education, research, health care and public service mission of the University.

Ways to get involved

Join the Facilities Management Diversity and Inclusion Committee by getting involved and utilizing the resources compiled on the DIR webpage to champion diversity, inclusion and respect within Facilities Management.

Employee Engagement Representatives

The Facilities Management Diversity, Inclusion, and Respect Committee has started a department-wide initiative to have Employee Engagement Representatives from all areas of Facilities Management. These representatives support the committee’s goals to create an engaging environment that celebrates employees, improve supervisor-employee relationships and provide employee support. Representatives are employee volunteers who make their colleagues aware of ongoing programs and opportunities. Representatives also receive feedback from employees about ways to improve employee engagement and inclusion and report back to the DIR Committee for discussion and consideration.