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Safety Champions 2017

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December 2017

Joe Groot

Joe Groot headshot

Joe Groot was nominated and selected as the December 2017 Safety Champion for his recent work identifying a confined space hazard at Pinn Hall. The Confined Space Focus Team were called in to review and the team found that the space in question was very close to the street. Fumes from idling vehicles could enter the space, causing a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide. The space has been declared a permit-required confined space. Joe's attentiveness to the possible dangers of this space and his recognition of the hazards posed has made the workplace safer for many FM employees!

November 2017

Travis Sly

Travis Sly headshot

Travis Sly is the November 2017 Facilities Management Safety Champion thanks in part to his hard work on UVA FM's Fall Protection Focus Team. In his time on the team, Travis has been proactive with program reviews and revisions, ensuring that Facilities Management's Fall Protection Program is up to date and compliant. Travis coordinated a fall protection rescue demonstration at the Fontaine Fire Station for the Fall Protection Focus Team and other key players involved with FM fall protection. As a supervisor, Travis is committed to fostering a dialogue with Occupational Health and Safety. He consistently asks “Why?” in the effort to come to a better understanding of safety requirements and to create more efficient, safer work practices.

October 2017

Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts headshot

UVA Facilities Management is proud to recognize Dave Roberts as the October 2017 Safety Champion. Dave recognized a hazard at an intersection on grounds and brought it to his Safety Committee's attention. Dave has worked tirelessly both within FM and with other University groups to address the issues at the intersection, mitigating hazards for both drivers and pedestrians. Dave is constantly looking out for the safety of others and we commend him for his hard work!

September 2017

John Cloutier

John Cloutier headshot

John Cloutier is the UVA Facilities Management Safety Champion for September 2017 because of his quick-thinking and ability to act in an emergency situation: John witnessed an individual collapse in the hallway in between Pinn Hall and the Hospital. He put his First Aid/CPR/AED training to use as he rushed into action, grabbing an AED for the nurse attending the individual and then jumping in to do chest compressions after the AED shock was ineffective. He continued chest compressions until the nurse was able to detect a pulse. Medical Center CEO Pam Sutton Wallace said,

“Never have I seen a team jump into action so quickly, ably and collaboratively. It was an absolute miracle to watch you bring someone back to life – literally! I couldn't believe my eyes. I was reminded of why we all work so hard to put the patient at the center of what we do...I am absolutely in awe of your skill and honored to work with such an incredible team.”

In addition to this life-saving event, John is an active member of the Special Trades Safety Committee, where he has introduced the Dutch Reach and other helpful tips to committee members. Thank you, John, for your efforts to keep everyone around you safe and healthy. We are glad you're part of our team!

August 2017

Shawn Ragland

Shawn Ragland headshot

UVA Facilities Management is proud to announce Shawn Ragland as the August 2017 Safety Champion. Shawn has embraced UVA FM's recent initiative to standardize the Lockout/Tagout Program throughout all departments, spending long hours writing lockout/tagout procedures for each piece of equipment (or “asset”) in Newcomb Hall. His efforts began after Shawn took FM's revamped lockout/tagout training, established by the FM Lockout/Tagout Focus Team. He contacted Bill Kirby from the Focus Team (and the June 2017 Safety Champion) for guidance creating procedures for his area. Shawn's area – a Zone on grounds – differed greatly from Bill's Chiller Plant, but together they came up with ways of making lockout/tagout procedures easily accessible by attaching the procedures to the assets, ensuring that all employees can access the needed information quickly and easily. Shawn has his colleagues read through and test his procedure to ensure their user-friendliness. Now that Shawn has Newcomb Hall's lockout/tagout procedures 90 percent done, he is expanding his range to the rest of Newcomb Zone. He is also offering his help to other zones begin the process of cataloging assets and creating procedures. Shawn's passionate investment of his time and talent are greatly appreciated as a part of UVA FM's culture of safety.

July 2017

Sheila Jones

Sheila Jones headshot

Sheila Jones has been selected as the UVA Facilities Management July 2017 Safety Champion for her dedicated attention to safety in the workplace. Sheila is responsible for the Materials Warehouse forklift, including having a working knowledge of forklift safety and UVA regulations, as well as ensuring the forklift receives regular maintenance and needed repairs. When the forklift is in need of repair, Sheila places it out of service until it is repaired and operational. Sheila has also stopped work by not allowing unauthorized individuals to use the forklift, keeping everyone involved safe. She is also dedicated to UVA FM employee safety by keeping up with changes in uniform requirements for the many employees that work across grounds. Sheila's detail-oriented take on safety makes her a great Safety Champion for UVA Facilities Management.

June 2017

Bill Kirby

Bill Kirby headshot

UVA Facilities Management is delighted to feature Bill Kirby as the June 2017 Safety Champion. Bill has been at the University of Virginia for more than 25 years, currently serving in the Chiller Plant as a Master Maintenance Program Technician. He is also a member of Facilities Management's Lockout/Tagout Focus Team, which has spent the last year revamping UVA FM's Lockout/Tagout Program, ensuring that the most current standards are being met. Bill has worked tirelessly creating lockout/tagout procedures and rolling out a system for the chiller plant using a computer program that will be adopted across FM. His work pioneering a standardized lockout/tagout system and training groups on this system make him a true UVA FM Safety Champion.

May 2017

Brian Tinnell

Brian Tinnell headshot

Brian Tinnell is being recognized as the UVA Facilities Management May 2017 Safety Champion due to his dedication to construction safety across grounds, not only for UVA employees, but also for outside contractors. As a construction superintendent in FM's Construction & Renovation Services department, Brian is responsible for being a leader at a number of jobs. Outside contractors have applauded Brian's expectation for everyone to follow safety rules at work. Support of leadership is key to establishing a culture of safety and the promotion of safety at the jobsite ensures that all everyone can get home safely.

April 2017

Dakota Peregoy

Dakota Peregoy headshot

UVA Facilities Management is proud to recognize Dakota Peregoy as the April 2017 Safety Champion. Dakota is a Plumber Steamfitter with Energy and Utilities. He is described by his colleagues as having a “keen eye for safety,” along with being patient, cautious, and watchful in all situations. He is a great example for his coworkers and apprentices learning with his group, encouraging them to wear proper Personal Protective Equipment, hazard assessments, as well as correct tools and materials. Dakota's careful attitude is to be admired and is an integral part of maintaining UVA FM's culture of safety!

March 2017

Bernard Curry

Bernard Curry

The UVA Facilities Management March 2017 Safety Champion is Bernard Curry. Bernard has been an electrician with Health System Physical Plant (HSPP) for a number of years and is an active member of the HSPP Safety Committee. Bernard was nominated and chosen as Safety Champion because he noticed and took steps to correct a dangerous situation: A generator near the Aurbach building is located up a steep hill with no walkway or stairs. Navigating this hill was treacherous even in fair weather. After witnessing the fuel delivery driver struggle up the hill in good weather and bad, Bernard brought the issue to the HSPP Safety Committee. The committee submitted a work order for the stairs to be installed. Landscaping did a wonderful job building stairs that will be helpful for both UVA employees and those responsible for maintaining the generator. In addition to this, Bernard has used his talents to create the art for the upcoming HSPP Safety Committee poster, reminding all of FM to “Be Safe!” UVA FM commends Bernard for his efforts to create a safer workplace for everyone.

February 2017

Jonathan Ragland & Michael Shumaker

Jonathan Ragland and Michael Shumaker

Facilities Management Occupational Health and Safety would like to recognize Jonathan Ragland and Michael Shumaker as the February 2017 UVA Facilities Management Safety Champions. Jonathan is a member of FM's Energy and Utilities Safety Committee, which has been evaluating the B4 U Start app as a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) tool. The B4 U Start app requires the user to list a 911 address for the job location, which made Jonathan and Michael realize that they and a few of their colleagues knew the street address of their buildings. In order to be better prepared in the event of an emergency, Michael and Jonathan had signs made for the Chiller Plant doors and labels placed on telephones, so anyone making a call to emergency services could clearly report on their location. Thank you, Michael and Jonathan, for taking the extra step to make everyone safer.

January 2017

Tom Castellanos

Tom Castellanos

Tom Castellanos is UVA Facilities Management Safety Champion for January 2017. His dedication to making UVA FM a safer workplace is apparent through his efforts piloting new safety initiatives in FM and his membership on the Construction & Renovation Services Safety Committee, where he helped develop the PPE program. He is a consistent advocate for greater safety for employees in UVA FM: Tom is willing to speak up and point out safety issues and potential issues and apply solutions with a good attitude and open mind. He is also an advocate for proper training, ensuring that his employees are comfortable and competent in the work their assigned to do. Tom also offers support to UVA FM apprentices, continuing to foster the environment of safety UVA Facilities Management promotes.