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Hospital HVAC Phase II and III

 Rendering of HVAC phases

In addition to replacing air handler units (AHUs) nearing the end of their projected lifespans and upgrading support systems, Phase II of the HVAC Replacement Project has two additional goals. The first goal is to enhance the integration of the work by getting the team in place early in the process. The second goal is to develop a Building Information Management (BIM) execution plan for this work that will serve as a prototype for future University hospital projects.

Phase II will be conducted in two segments. The first segment consists of upgrades to the glycol system that provides preheat to the incoming outside air during low ambient conditions and the installation of ductwork on the hospital roof that will enable excess capacity from the new Hospital Bed Expansion AHUs to serve as temporary capacity during the removal and installation of the Phase II AHUs in the hospital penthouses. The second segment will be the design and installation of six new AHUs and connections to their associated support systems.

Phase III of the project includes the replacement of five air handling units (PX-6, PX-7, PX-8, 2M-18 and 2M-23) and their associated return air fans. In addition, the project will continue the evaluation of and upgrades to ancillary HVAC systems (chilled water, Glycol, steam) and their associate controls.


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Contact information

Dana Hodges, project manager
(434) 924-3189

Bill Shirey, construction administration manager
(434) 924-0608