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35kV Ductbank

Map of 35 kV Ductbank project

The project will install 2.75 miles of 35kV electrical ductbank to provide a dedicated underground power feed to the University of Virginia. The new ductbank will connect the existing Sherwood, Alderman and Cavalier substations through a combination of two, four and six way underground ductbanks consisting of 8” PVC conduits encased in concrete. Large concrete electrical vaults will be installed at approximately 500 foot intervals along the ductbank, the largest vaults measure 9’x9’x17’ outside dimensions.

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Contact information

David Fiero, senior construction administration manager and project manager
Office: (434) 297-7630
Cell: (434) 872-1469

Caitlin Murtaugh, project coordinator
Office: (434) 982-2956
Cell: (434) 906-3075

Construction company information

Faulconer Construction
Lauren Campbell, project manager
Lester Wolfrey, project superintendent

Devin Keeler, project manager
Amy Nelson, project engineer