Sustainability Council

Facilities Management seeks to further develop our leadership in environmental stewardship for the university with sustainability embedded as a core value in our practices, our daily operations, and the actions of our individual staff. We strive to be an extraordinary example of a community within UVA working as a unified team toward achieving the sustainability goals of the University, and have formed the Sustainability Council to guide us. This council will serve an integral role in shaping the practices and understanding of sustainability throughout our organization and in connecting with the larger sustainability community at UVA and the Charlottesville region.


Inspire the Facilities Management community to commit to sustainability through active stewardship, engagement and discovery.


Sarita Herman (Co-Chair)
Andrea Trimble (Co-Chair)
Elizabeth Campbell
Cheryl Gomez
Jamie Joyner
Marcus Klaton
Bree Knick
Travis Mawyer
Tanyia Moore
Nina Morris
Mark Roach
Jess Wenger
Derek Wilson
Ex-Officio: Dana Schroeder


  • The council will be led by two chairs from different departments. There will be 11-12 members with representation from all departments. The ex-officio will be the Office for Sustainability outreach and engagement coordinator.
  • At a minimum, the council will meet once per month for one hour. Each year, a work plan will be developed and implemented by the council. The initial work plan will include a strategy for Green Workplace certification for Facilities Management. An annual report to the Facilities Management chief facilities officer and directors will assess the work plan progress and will set recommendations for the following year’s work plan.
  • The initial term for half of the members and one co-chair will be two years with half the members and one co-chair serving for three years. After two years, half of the membership and one co-chair will be replaced with new members and a new co-chair who will serve a two year term (January 2016–December 2017). At the end of the third year, the other half of the membership and one co-chair will be replaced resulting in an ongoing overlapping two year term.


  • Build individuals’ sustainability awareness and interest in taking action
  • Advance sustainability within Facilities Management’s workplace operations and practices
  • Explore ways of further integrating sustainability into Facilities Management’s departments and programs
  • Provide regular communication on key sustainability topics, on various levels and via various avenues

2017 work plan

  • Continue to implement UVA's Green Workplace program across Facilities Management workplaces
  • Identify, recommend, and implement departmental-wide changes, with a current focus on: paper use reduction, construction waste management, fleet fuel reduction, and increasing volunteer/service opportunities
  • Zero waste departmental events – ice cream social, BBQ, etc.
  • Monthly sustainability column in the Facilities Management newsletter
  • Annual report to Facilities Management