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Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champion Cynthea Wagner

Cynthea Wagner: Minimizing Waste at Events

The FM Sustainability Council is excited to recognize Cynthea Wagner from Training & Development as our next Sustainability Champion. Cynthea has gone above and beyond in embedding sustainability practices into her day-to-day work of event planning.

Cynthea continuously finds ways to improve sustainability efforts throughout her numerous events. Some of her actions include: using three sided table toppers instead of printing individual programs, using compostable products at all events, using QR codes instead of paper for check-in, using caterers that source locally, and using water dispensers instead of bottled water. She also regularly checks-in with the sustainability team to learn about best practices and learning opportunities. Cynthea embodies the notion of a Sustainability Champion – always working to find ways to better our impact on the environment throughout the work day.

Is an FM employee that you know taking that extra step to improve sustainability or efficiency on Grounds? Learn more about the program and nominate individuals here.

Nomination Methods

  1. Use the nomination form
  2. Email
  3. Call the Sustainability Office at (434) 297-7964
  4. Tell a Sustainability Council member in person
  5. Use the Core Topics feedback boxes in Skipwith or Leake

In your nomination, please include the nominee’s full name, Facilities Management area and a few sentences about their sustainable actions, including specific examples. The Sustainability Council will choose the Sustainability Champion based on the nominee's impact as described by the nominator.

Past FM Sustainability Champions