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Sustainability Champions

Driving sustainable practices

I'd like to nominate Jim McGuire for his drive (literally) to incorporate sustainable actions into his day-to-day work. Jim works with the FM Fleet and has taken numerous steps to make sure the process is as efficient as possible. He avoids idling when waiting for passengers, he works to consolidate rides when it doesn't compromise schedules, and he's always looking for additional ways to better the environment. He's also thinking about how we can utilize the Nissan Leaf when providing transportation to FM staff (swap out the van when under 3 passengers). Jim is a great example of someone who is asking questions and actively taking steps to improve the sustainable aspects of his job.

John Jordan looks for ways to conserve energy and resources with FM's Fleet. GPS technology allows John to improve the management of the maintenance of FM vehicles. This allows for condition based maintenance. This is an improvement of the previous maintenance practice that offers a significant cost savings. John provides a sustainable impact of eliminating unnecessary services that in turn allows the staff to perform their duties. John looks for ways to eliminate unnecessary trips regarding the scheduling of services. His actions deliver a better maintained, more sustainable fleet!

Nomination Methods

  1. Use the nomination form
  2. Email
  3. Call the Sustainability Office at (434) 297-7964
  4. Tell a Sustainability Council member in person
  5. Use the Core Topics feedback boxes in Skipwith or Leake

In your nomination, please include the nominee’s full name, Facilities Management area and a few sentences about their sustainable actions, including specific examples. The Sustainability Council will choose the Sustainability Champion based on the nominee's impact as described by the nominator.

Past FM Sustainability Champions