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Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champion Mark Roach

Caught Green-Handed

The Facilities Management Sustainability Council would like to recognize Mark Roach from the FM Utilities group for his attention to detail and willingness to address sustainability challenges even outside his typical area of responsibility.

Mark was seen removing large amounts of cardboard from the top of dumpsters and placing the material in a nearby cardboard receptacle where it belonged. In conversations with Mark, he has expressed that he wants to do more than educate with words on sustainability, he wants to also lead by example. Way to go Mark! We applaud your efforts for sweating the details and addressing issues as they arise.

Nomination Methods

  1. Use the nomination form
  2. Email
  3. Call the Sustainability Office at (434) 297-7964
  4. Tell a Sustainability Council member in person
  5. Use the Core Topics feedback boxes in Skipwith or Leake

In your nomination, please include the nominee’s full name, Facilities Management area and a few sentences about their sustainable actions, including specific examples. The Sustainability Council will choose the Sustainability Champion based on the nominee's impact as described by the nominator.

Past FM Sustainability Champions