By the Numbers 2018-2019

UVA Facilities Management supports the University’s wide range of research, academic and patient care programs. Here is a by-the-numbers portrait of the department’s accomplishments during the 2018-2019 fiscal year.

General Breakdown

How We Support UVA

Facilities Management is responsible for the planning, construction, renovation, maintenance and repair of the University’s buildings and facilities; and the provision of utilities, grounds care, custodial, trash collection, recycling and other services.

Work Orders

Facilities Management is responsible for a comprehensive, University-wide program to identify and carry out necessary maintenance and repair of University facilities. Requests for repairs and service – known as work orders – are received from both customers and Facilities Management staff in the field. Work orders are also automatically-generated for routine inspections of equipment and created for large construction and renovation projects.

Work orders are broken down into three main categories: preventative maintenance (scheduled inspections), corrective (pro-active repairs) and reactive (in response to a service request).

144,797 Total Work Orders Completed

Equipment Serviced by Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for a total of 49,319 assets, which are pieces of equipment that are part of a building system.

Our Employees

There were 1,186 total full-time positions in Facilities Management in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

During the annual Service Awards, 126 employees celebrated 2,230 years of service.

422 different employees received 585 Reward & Recognition awards totaling $224,150

32 employees were recognized for educational and professional accomplishments.

Capital Construction & Renovations

construction work-in-place totaled $258 million 230 active construction projects $1.9 billion in ongoing design and construction

Construction & Renovation Services

construction work-in-place totaled $40 million 317 active construction projects

Buildings & Grounds

Square Footage of all UVA Facilities

Buildings & Grounds Breakdown

The University of Virginia owns a total of 3,270 acres, with 1,195 acres of contiguous area near Grounds. There are a total of 560 buildings and corresponding infrastructure in the UVA portfolio with a conservatively estimated replacement value of $5.1 billion.

Grounds includes about 10,000 trees (not including groves or woodlands) as well as 6.27 miles of underground utility tunnels and 207 miles of underground heating (steam/condensate, medium temperature hot water), cooling (chilled water), water/sewer and storm sewer distribution lines.

Maintenance Zones

Facilities Management is made up of three different maintenance groups that provide service to the University: Academic Maintenance, Health System Physical Plant and Housing Facilities. Academic Maintenance and Health System Physical Plant are made up of five zones each, which are multidisciplinary crews physically located around Grounds to serve specific groups of customers and facilities.

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, Health System Physical Plant split its Zone 1 maintenance team into HSPP Zone 1 North, which now serves the medical center buildings north of Lee Street, and HSPP Zone 1 South, which serves the buildings to the south including University Hospital.


Since April 2018, the UVA ReUSE Store has diverted 1.8M pounds, or 28,000 items of property from landfills.

In 2018, UVA generated 4.7% less waste than in 2014, the baseline for this goal.

UVA diverted 45.2% of all waste from the landfill by recycling 6,889.5 tons of waste.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Trends, 2009-2018

In calendar year 2018, greenhouse gas emissions decreased 17% compared to 2009.

Energy Intensity Trends, 2010-2018

UVA reduced its energy use intensity, defined as total energy use divided by total square footage by 13% between 2010 and 2018.

Water Consumption Trends, 2010-2018

Total water usage in 2018 was down 25% from its peak in 2000 despite growth in population and area served.

Since 2010, the baseline year for the goal, total water use is down 11.7%.

For more information about sustainability efforts at UVA, visit the UVA Sustainability website.

Occupational Programs

Occupational Health and Safety

During the 2018-2019 fiscal year, Occupational Health and Safety completed 139 safety surveys, including 4,704 observations with 338 hazards identified and corrected.

A total of 66 peer-awarded Safety Stars and 17 Safety Champions were recognized. Eight Safety Committees and four active Focus Teams worked to improve safety throughout Facilities Management. A total of 2,873 training seats were filled during the fiscal year.

OHS won a Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) award for posters produced monthly by the Safety Committees.

139 Safety Surveys Completed

2017 seats filled for 2091 hours of training

Occupational Training

Occupational Training filled 2,017 seats for 2,091 total hours of training in the following areas: professional development, technology and leadership.

A total of 214 employees took part in 568 hours of technology training and 46 employees completed 92 hours of training in the team’s Leadership Connection series. The team onboarded 202 new employees and trained 878 staff members in Workday.

Apprenticeship Program

In 2019, ten apprentices graduated, and 18 apprentices were inducted into the program.

There are 55 apprentices currently in the program, including 18 electricians, 17 HVAC technicians, 14 plumbers and six carpenters. There are 112 on-the-job trainers and apprentice rotations involve 51 shops.

Apprentices Currently in the Program

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