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Health System Physical Plant Department Overview

The Storeroom    Product Listing                    Annual Report 2012-2013   (PDF)

The Storeroom Brochure   (PDF)

Our Mission

Enriching the quality of human life...

  • By improving health.

  • By advancing medical and scientific knowledge.

  • By creating an environment for professional preparation of individuals dedicated to health care service.

Our Values, Our Responsibilities
  • To Our Patients, Their Families and Loved Ones...
    Providing high quality health care services; offering advanced technologies and treatments in an environment of understanding and sensitivity; and meeting patients' physical, emotional, spiritual and comfort needs as well as their medical needs.
  • To the Physicians, Hospitals and Clinics Who Refer Patients...
    Conducting ourselves as extensions of their practices and serving patients' needs with timely, skillful and responsive health care services.
  • To Those Who Work within the Health System...
    Treating each person with respect and dignity; valuing people as individuals; and creating an environment where skills, abilities and sense of self can be utilized and enhanced.
  • To Equal Opportunity in Employment, Development and Advancement...
    Carrying out roles of authority fairly and ethically.
  • To the University of Virginia and the Community...
    Respecting and nurturing the creation of new knowledge; encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experience; and, as good citizens, serving the community to the maximum extent of available resources; maintaining the property we are privileged to use, while protecting the environment and natural resources.
  • To Cost-Effective Services...
    Managing our services prudently and creatively, encouraging innovation, and seeking to provide quality services at fair prices
  • .

Contact Information

John Rainey Director
(434) 924-8593
Charles Parker, P.E. Deputy Director
(434) 982-3818
Derek Wilson Deputy Director
(434) 982-3571
Richard Barbour Hospital Zone 1 Maintenance
(434) 924-1951
Gary Allen Research Zone 2 Maintenance
(434) 924-2535
Doug Rush West Complex Zone 3 Maintenance
(434) 982-4221
Larry Shackelford KCRC/Fontaine/Off-Grounds Zone 4 Maintenance
(434) 982-3690
Jim Offield Preventive Maintenance
(434) 924-9534
Derek Wilson Engineering Manager
(434) 982-3571
Nicholas Bartley GeoSpatial Resource Center
(434) 924-8092
Charles Parker, P.E. Customer Service
(434) 982-3818

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