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Formerly known as the Arts Grounds Parking Garage, the Culbreth Road Parking Garage was built to replace parking spaces that had been eliminated from the A9 parking lot due to the new Studio Art Building construction project as well as to supplement Central Grounds parking needs. Although parking during the day will require a permit, it will be open without charge to visitors for evening and weekends and provide parking for events at the Culbreth Theatre and Carr’s Hill.

The new garage is accessed from Culbreth Road across from the existing Culbreth Theatre / Drama Education Building and south of the CSX railroad tracks. The garage is depressed into a ravine with two levels below the entrance grade. The east side of the garage will help form one side of the new Arts Precinct. The 174,100 square feet structure is pre-cast concrete and features green screen panels planted with a mixture of deciduous and evergreen vines and brick stair towers which complement the other arts precinct buildings.

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