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Building Services Celebrates Housekeeping Employees' Achievements at Quarterly Awards Ceremony

"This Is How We Do It!"
On December 7, 2012, Building Services supervisors held a two-hour ceremony to recognize 20 front-line team members who make a difference.

In giving the "This Is How We Do It!" award, Building Services highlighted the types of actions, behaviors, and attitudes that it would like to see demonstrated by all team members.

Associate Director Vibha Buckingham said, "Every day we have team members who display above-and-beyond actions in their jobs."

"It might be putting an extra gleam on hallway floors for a donor event or volunteering to pick up an absent worker’s task to ensure seamless, uninterrupted service to a customer."

"In all cases," Vibha continued, "we want to recognize in meaningful and specific ways what it is they do to make a difference--whether it’s on a particular day or something that they do really well every day! Recognition--and reinforcement--of positive performance is what our award is all about.”

Each recipient's award was unique. Yet, common among all were the characteristics of positive attitude, good attendance, and initiative.

To be considered for an award, front-line team members must meet baseline and specific award criteria. Playing a huge role in the decisions were comments and compliments that come from customers across Grounds.

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