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2013 Annual Staff Recognition

2013 Annual Staff Recognition Pancake Breakfast Hosted by University of Virginia Human Resources

March 19, 2013

                        UVa Dan Addison

2012 CBIC Annual Tech Day at the University Heat Plant

2012 Annual Fall BBQ

October 11, 2012

                  UVa FM Betty Wooding

Recognition is celebrated with the family.

2012 Apprentice & Education Recognition Ceremony

July 18, 2012

Photos >
                  UVa FM Betty Wooding

Practicing communication by describing a favorite thing.  Then your partner describes it back to you.

2012 Semi-Annual "State of the Union" Team-Building Meeting

June 19, 2012

Photos >
                  UVa FM Betty Wooding

All About Being Social AND Enjoying Ice Cream

2012 Ice Cream Social and Vehicle Show

June 14, 2012

Ice Cream Social >    Vehicle Show >
                  UVa FM Betty Wooding

Bagel Line at Ern Commons

2012 Employee Appreciation Week

April 24-28, 2012

Photos >
                  UVa FM Betty Wooding

ESL Students, Instructors and Supporters

2012 Voices of Adult Learners

March 29, 2012

Photos >
                  UVa FM Betty Wooding

Lineup for the BBQ

2011 Annual Employee Bar-B-Q

November 9, 2011

Photos >
                  UVa FM Betty Wooding

A Social Time

2011 Ice Cream Social & Car Show

June 16, 2011

Photos >
                  UVa FM Betty Wooding

Thank You Cards

2011 Employee Appreciation Week

April 4-8, 2011

Photos >
                  UVa FM Betty Wooding
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